3rd collaborative conclave on organ donation to be held on 29th Nov

Before the Conclave was initiated, all NGOs in India were working in isolation and were not even known to each other or the government.


New Delhi: The Organ Receiving & Giving Awareness Network (ORGAN) India, an initiative of the Parashar Foundation, is organizing the ‘3rd Collaborative Conclave on Organ Donation’ on 29th November in New Delhi.

Since 2016, ORGAN India under the aegis of National Organ & Tissue Transplantation Organization (NOTTO), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has made sincere efforts to bring all the regional NGOs and other stakeholders working on organ donation on one single platform through an annual ‘Collaborative Conclave on Organ Donation’.

This year the Conclave will be inaugurated by the Director, NOTTO, Dr Vasanthi Ramesh, and will be attended by around 70 participants from over 20 NGOs and other stakeholders working on organ donation all across India from diverse States like Assam, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, and ROTTO Team from PGI Chandigarh amongst others.

As per organizers, the ORGAN India firmly believes that a combined force of all organizations across India, working together to spread awareness on organ donation to millions of people in all corners of the country is the best way to move forward. Before the Conclave was initiated, all NGOs in India were working in isolation and were not even known to each other or the government.

The ‘Collaborative Conclave on Organ Donation’ has become an essential annual event for all the organizations working on organ donation in India, where the national and regional, government and non-government stakeholders come together to discuss and identify the issues, challenges, possible solutions, and the scope of work going way forward in the ecosystem of organ donation. It enables addressing the concerns of one and all under one umbrella and thus strengthening public policy advocacy initiatives.

This year, the ‘Collaborative Conclave on Organ Donation’ will enable:

  • Network building – By giving a platform for open dialogue and brainstorming between the members of the NGOs and the Government representatives.

  • Information exchange – NGOs will share their work, achievements and the best-practices with each other and the Government.

  • Identifying, discussing and resolving the challenges faced – By facilitating cooperation between all stakeholders to find solutions to the challenges faced by them, in their work, across their region.

  • Strategizing for way forward – By focusing on the same goals to encourage organ donation and to utilize collective network to reach out to the millions of people in all parts of India.

The program will begin with an inauguration ceremony, followed by the introduction of the participants. The participants will share their work and achievements. Later, the participants will discuss various issues and challenges faced by them in their region through the discussion round.

A group activity has been planned to discuss some identified important issues in the conclave. In the end, a dossier with the possible way forward will be released and a thank you note will be extended by the organizers with a promise and assurance to meet next year.