NRDC helps in setting up a unique example of PPP in sericulture

“NEMHARI”-A Plant based Formulation for Management of Mulberry Root Knot Disease developed at Central Sericulture Research and Training Institute is all set to get commercialized by Rainbow Agrilife India


New Delhi: The National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), under Ministry of Science and Technology, has entered into a license agreement with Rainbow Agrilife India, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh for commercialization of “NEMHARI-A Plant based formulation for Management of Mulberry Root Knot Disease” developed at Central Sericulture Research and Training Institute (CSR&TI), Central Silk Board (CSB), Mysuru.

This is one of the unique examples of public private partnerships in the sericulture area.

NRDC has been appointed as the nodal agency for commercializing the technical knowhow in India and abroad. The company has ambitious plans to taking forward this technology to all sericulture regions in the world through a network of dealers and also promoting through different government support schemes of the Department of Sericulture and other allied Departments in various states.

The formulation is safe to the native soil micro flora and fauna but effective against the nematodes causing the root knot disease in mulberry. Tests conducted in the field revealed reduction of disease severity by about 84 percent and prevented loss of leaf yield by 24 percent.

The formal license agreement was signed by Dr H Purushotham, CMD, NRDC  and Mr B V Subbarayadu, Director, Rainbow Agrilife India Private Limited. The initiative of NRDC is surely a step towards the “Make in India” mission of the government.