Affordable drugs campaign by Blue Cross Labs to help non-COVID patients affected by lockdown

Blue Cross’ new digital campaign led by C Com Digital highlights the need for affordable medicines and compassion towards people during the pandemic. The video drives home the message that with Blue Cross people with certain health conditions can now get their medication at almost 60% less cost

Mumbai: C Com Digital, an integrated digital agency supporting Blue Cross Laboratories, recently came up with a hard-hitting campaign highlighting how people were not consuming their medicines during Covid-19 for various reasons. The pandemic has impacted jobs and salaries due to which people with health complications like diabetes and heart disease are avoiding buying their medicines, which are often expensive. The idea was to raise awareness among doctors and explore alternatives.
The campaign undertaken by Blue Cross is the outcome of feedback received from the market by various medical representatives. The video shows how a father is ready to forego his important diabetes & heart medicines for his son who is working from home on a lesser pay due to Covid-19. Through this, the video brings home the fact that no matter what, medications are essential and something needs to be done about the issue.
Speaking about this, Chandan Bhagwe, Founder, C Com Digital, said, “These are difficult times for the entire world and among many pressing issues, the major one perhaps is healthcare and access to it. People are undergoing a lot of financial stress as well and this has a direct bearing on their health. Many with health comorbidities are not buying medications due to their high cost, which can adversely affect their health. This campaign was an attempt to highlight this important issue and help people understand that with Blue Cross, they can get their medicines at a comparatively lesser price, without the need to forego them and harm their health. It was also intended as an awareness campaign for doctors and others in the healthcare domain.”
Blue Cross has also reached out to doctors and through their efforts encouraged them to think about exploring alternatives to resolve the issue. Through them and medical representatives, word gradually spread about the availability of cheaper medicines from Blue Cross – at almost 60% lesser cost. The campaign was a genuine effort to empower people in these tough times.
The video has been received extremely well in Indian and Nepal. It is currently viral on WhatsApp groups and is receiving positive feedback and reviews from across the spectrum. The noble initiative has also been lauded by many people for bringing out the messaging in a subtle yet impactful manner.