“Although in its nascent stage, digital health market is very huge”

In an interaction with the BioVoice News, Dr Suhas Jadhav, Chief Operating Officer, Bonanza Healthcare gave insights into its mobile application “Bonanza Health”, available in Google Play and Apple App Store


Driving the evolution of digital health, Bonanza Healthcare says it is trying to bring in exciting transformation in the way people interact and communicate with health care providers. With the launch of its specialized service ‘Digital health Vault’ a platform to build more seamless flow of information, encompassing and leveraging digital progress that can transform the way care is delivered and compensated. Read the excerpts of the interview of Dr Suhas Jadhav, Chief Operating Officer, Bonanza Healthcare with the BioVoice News below:

How do you look at the latest trends in the electronic health record keeping? 

It’s a very interesting period for the transition of Electronic Record Keeping which is seeing some or the other new developments almost on a regular basis. Current trends in this sphere involves migration of systems and processes to the Cloud environment.

Electronic or Digital Health Records has also made huge inroads in the mobility space and has become more patient centric in the last year or so and currently it is a very integral part of healthcare eco-system connecting every sphere of healthcare services and facilities like Diagnostic Centre’s, Hospitals, Chemists (Pharmacy), tertiary home care, EMS (Emergency Medical Services) etc.

It is important to understand and note that, the very basis of EHR is to facilitate efficient and effective treatment to the patient in an affordable and timely manner and every EHR systems are absorbing all the latest innovation and technology to facilitate informed healthcare.

How big is the market size and potential? What kind of growth do you expect in the coming years?

The market although in its nascent stage, is very huge. With the penetration of mobile services and great improvements in internet data speed, this is just the advent of the new era in DHR. It has the capacity to absorb and include the entire mass of people of this country through a common hook.

The initial challenge in this sphere is awareness and its acceptance by the people. Once enough impetus about this essential factor in Healthcare services is created, it will see a tremendous and phenomenal demand. Since the services are in the initial stages of development, we feel that every player in this segment will have an even playing ground and we as one of the leading companies in DHR will definitely play a leading role.

What creates the need for health vault by Bonanza Healthcare? How is it unique?

Healthcare sector is witnessing a vibrant and exciting transformation in the way people interact and communicate with health care service providers. The need for Health Vault by Bonanza Healthcare is to eradicate paper based health records which not only is cumbersome and clumsy to store, carry and present, but also causes a lot of inconvenience to the healthcare service providers to access and scrutinize it.

Bonanza Healthcare’s Digital Health Record is unique in quite a few ways, that it is platform independent and is very user friendly to the customers.  In the absence of soft copy of medical reports or scanner, users can simply use the Bonanza Health Care application to convert the physical records into digital format by clicking pictures of their reports and then upload it directly to their respective Cloud Space. Bonanza Healthcare also give 1 GB FREE Cloud space to each and every user to upload and manage their reports in Digital Format.

Another important feature of this Digital Health Record is that it is sharable at will through Email, SMS, Whatsapp and any other compatible file sharing applications or mechanisms.

Please tell us more about your organization and the current activities?

Bonanza Healthcare established in the year 2011 is a part of Bonanza Group, one of India’s leading financial services organization with a legacy of 20 years in Wealth Care. Bonanza Health Care has excellent relationship with more than 600 medical brands having over 5000 outlets in over 234 cities in India, which includes diagnostic centers, pathological laboratories, medical investigation physiotherapeutic centers, eye care centers, dental centers, spas, gyms that are specialized in extending health care facilities and standard or specific diagnostic services that are appropriate for the persons or patients who are in need of such facilities or care.

The ethos of Bonanza Healthcare is creating an eco-system which can help people take informed health decisions. The Bonanza Health Card is designed to make sure that everyone can be in good health at all times. It believes that prevention is better than cure and healthy living is a vital and important ingredient of life that needs to be cultivated in a systematic way and that prevention should not be expensive.

We are currently in the process of creating a Central Health Repository System and a Diagnostic Market Place to help patients and the entire universe of Health Care Service providers to provide efficient and better services to its customers.

Q What is your business model and future outlook?

Bonanza Health Card is a product and a concept interwoven into one service whose objective is to create a healthy individual at an affordable cost and help them take informed decisions related to health. The business model revolves around enrolling members for the health card program and which connects everything related to healthcare services like Free Health Checkup, diagnostic services, wellness services, medicines and other lifestyle facets like Spas, gyms etc under one umbrella.

This sector looks extremely promising with the advent of newer technologies and disruptive innovations. There is going to be huge absorption of Digital healthcare in the near future and more and more patients are going to imbibe to this technology and services as more and more health care services get connected to this digital health eco-system.