Amrita hospital pioneers adult vaccination center in Faridabad

Breaking new ground, Amrita Hospital's Adult Vaccination Center spearheads comprehensive disease prevention strategies, elevating public health standards in Faridabad and beyond

New Delhi: Amrita Hospital in Faridabad has recently unveiled a specialized Center of Excellence dedicated to adult vaccination, aiming to bolster protection against preventable diseases and alleviate the burden of illness, hospitalization, and mortality across the country.
While the Universal Immunization Program has notably improved routine immunization and reduced disease-related deaths among children, there’s a neglect of adult vaccination. Prioritizing preventive measures like adult vaccination would ease the burden of communicable diseases and lessen their societal and financial toll. In response to the evolving landscape of adult vaccination in India, the establishment of this center underscores a growing recognition of the significance of immunization throughout all stages of life, beyond childhood.
Dr. Sanjeev Singh, Medical Director of Amrita Hospital in Faridabad said, “The importance of adult vaccination cannot be overstated. Vaccination not only safeguards individual health but also contributes to herd immunity, thereby preventing outbreaks and reducing the transmission of infectious diseases within communities. By maintaining high vaccination coverage rates among adults, we can effectively control and even eliminate vaccine-preventable diseases, leading to significant public health benefits. The launch of Amrita Hospital, Faridabad’s center of excellence for adult vaccination aims to address existing gaps in adult immunization by providing comprehensive, evidence-based vaccination services tailored to the needs of individual patients. By establishing dedicated vaccination clinics staffed by trained healthcare professionals, the center seeks to increase awareness, accessibility, and uptake of vaccines among adults, ultimately improving health outcomes and reducing the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases.”
Despite progress in raising awareness and accessibility to adult vaccines, significant gaps persist in coverage rates, distribution, and uptake, particularly among vulnerable demographic groups like the elderly, healthcare workers, and those with chronic illnesses. Notably, diseases such as influenza, pneumococcal infections, hepatitis B, and HPV-related ailments pose considerable health risks to adults, particularly those with underlying medical conditions or advanced age. Overcoming these challenges necessitates targeted interventions to enhance awareness, accessibility, and acceptance of adult vaccines, alongside strengthening healthcare infrastructure to support vaccination services.
Amrita Hospital’s Center of Excellence will leverage advanced technologies and equipment to ensure the safe and effective administration of vaccines, further bolstering its commitment to promoting public health and well-being.