Awards to recognize role of biotech in societal development

The Department of Biotechnology has sought interest from individuals and organizations for its annual biotechnology societal development award that recognizes their immense contribution to promote biotechnology in India


New Delhi: Biotechnology as an emerging area has immense potential to improve the lives of people specially the socially and economically disadvantaged sections of the society. There are many dedicated organizations and individuals who are already contributing their best by delivering essential needs to our community such as healthcare and hygiene, generating more avenues for livelihoods, empowering people and developing local social entrepreneurs, producing skilled workers and advocacy.

In an attempt to recognize these organizations or individuals and thereby popularizing the role of biotechnology in social development, the Department of Biotechnology has invited applications for ‘Biotechnology Social Development Awards’ from government as well as non-government organizations and individuals for the year 2016. The applicants can be an individual, extension scientist, teacher, NGO or even an organization. However those who have already received the award are not eligible to apply again. There are three awards annually; two for individuals and one for organization. All the three Awards would be of Rs 5 Lakh each in cash and citation.

Application forms and other detail information including eligibility criteria are available on the DBT website. Complete application in the prescribed format (5 Sets) with required documents should reach to DBT within two months.

There is a growing need to trap the biotechnology’s potential and make it available for the larger population of India residing in villages and remote areas. The recognition to those who are doing exceptional work in this area will serve as an inspiration to others.