BioVoice eMagazine September 2023 | Issue 9 | Volume 4

The Cover Story decodes the smart hospital concept and the latest trends on adoption of automation and digitalization within Indian hospitals. Read the series of power-packed interviews featuring leading industry figures, Subodh Gupta of Lord’s Mark Microbiotech; Ajaykumar JK of Vellon Space, Anantha Nema of Veeva Systems, Dr Sabahat S. Azim of Glocal Healthcare; & Rajnikant Shah of Medtech Life.

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The Healing Code- Rise of the Smart Hospitals
Not just a technological marvel but smart hospitals represent a transformational shift in healthcare delivery. We take you through the latest trends in this space.
Featuring expert opinions from:
♦ Dr Rakesh Gupta, Chairman, Sarvodaya Hospital
♦ Rajiv Sikka, Group CIO, Medanta
♦ Vineet Aggarwal, Chief Information Officer, Paras Health
♦ Vikaas Bhatnagar, Group CIO, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences
♦ Dr Gopal Sharan, Managing Director & CEO, TR Life sciences

We make a million pieces of nebulizers in India annually
Rajnikant Shah, Chairman, Medtech Life takes us through his company’s journey so far and the plans to strengthen its position within the medical devices sector. Read the excerpts.

80% of Indian doctors live in urban areas catering to only one-third of population
Dr Sabahat S. Azim, Founder & Chairman, Glocal Healthcare Systems shares the vision behind his company, its initiatives and offerings; focus on rural healthcare; growing role of digital technologies and much more.

We are working upon low cost & easily deployable diagnostic tools
Subodh Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Lord’s Mark Microbiotech shares details on company’s long-term vision, its initiatives including genomic testing, and personalized healthcare.

Cloud platforms significantly reduce time to bring novel drugs & therapies to the market
Anantha Nema, Country Manager – India, Veeva Systems shares details about the company’s offerings, growing adoption of cloud technologies within life sciences industry, latest trends and much more.

Our approach is centred around creating a miniaturized, customizable lab experience in space
Ajaykumar JK, Founder & CEO, Vellon Space shares the company’s unique initiatives in space including bioscience related experiments.

The Future of Food Security: Digital Tech Interventions Can Change India’s Agri Sector
Anjami Nayyar, Founder & CEO, Knowledge Network Solutions (Agri) shares her thoughts on how farm machinery is expanding, getting better and producing more.

Newly discovered plant gene that helps make Apiin
Researchers identify the elusive gene of a critical enzyme in the synthesis of apiin, an important plant compound with potential medicinal uses.
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