CDFD & Promega Biotech jointly host the ‘Forensic Profiling Forum’

CDFD has collaborated with Promega to host the Forensic DNA Profiling Forum for forensic community & supporting the important work these professionals do to make and contribute to the nation by making the world safer by solving the crimes


Hyderabad: Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD) in collaboration with Promega Biotech India hosted the “Forensic DNA Profiling Forum” from 4th to 7th November at CDFD Hyderabad. The program included 4-Days hands-on workshop in Forensic DNA Fingerprinting More than 30 DNA Examiners and Analysts from 20 different states, regional and central forensic laboratories attended the program.

The workshop was designed for DNA Examiners and Analysts involved in DNA profiling and reporting of cases in the court of law, aimed at equipping them with technical expertise in the field of human identification: from sample preparation to STR analysis.

“We are very pleased that CDFD and Promega have entered into a collaboration to conduct the workshop,” said, Dr Debashis Mitra, Director CDFD. “We really wanted this workshop to be conducted for the last few years but due to certain constraints like space, infrastructure and lack of sponsors, it took some time. We thank Promega for coming forward & sponsoring the program.”

The course provided a forum to address the need of modern DNA typing labs for both forensic and relationship testing applications and examined issues of DNA database development, automation, streamlining workflow and improving efficiencies.

While speaking on this occasion, Dr Rajnish Bharti General Manager, Promega Biotech India mentioned, “Forensic DNA testing constantly evolves with new technologies, procedures, and requirements. To maintain success, DNA Examiners must learn how to best adapt laboratory processes and improve their technical understanding of analysis procedures. I feel proud that from more than 25 years Promega has offering the STR chemistry for the forensic community & contributing to nation by making the world safer by solving the crime.”