CSIR-CDRI scientists nominated for prestigious NASI awards

Two more CSIR-CDRI Scientists brought laurels to institute after nominated for prestigious Awards by National Academy of Sciences (NASI). While Dr Atul Goel will receive NASI-RELIANCE Industries Platinum Jubilee Award-2019, Dr Ritu Trivedi will be bestowed with Dr P. Sheel Memorial Lecture Award-2019 (Young Women Award)


New Delhi: The Senior Principal Scientist of Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow Dr Atul Goel has been awarded prestigious National Academy of Sciences (NASI)-Reliance Industries Platinum Jubilee Award-2019 for his significant contributions for application-oriented innovations in the area of developing new drugs and diagnostics. He will be honored with a Plaque and Rs 3 lakhs in Cash at 89th Annual Session of NASI, to be held at Hyderabad in December 2019.

Dr Ritu Trivedi, Principal Scientist, CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow has been conferred with Dr. P. Sheel Memorial Lecture Award-2019 (Young Women Award) from NASI. She was selected for this award for her outstanding research in the area of metabolic bone disorders specifically on osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Drug discovery research par excellence 

Dr Atul Goel has licensed and transferred his technology of compound S008-399 to Hyderabad-based company for developing biodegradable medicated orthobiologicals (bone implants) for faster healing of fractures. Dr Goel and his team are trying to develop diagnostics for cancer and neurodegenerative disorders also. He has discovered and reported ‘FIRST’ dual colorimetric-ratiometric fluorescent probe NAP-3 for selective and direct visualization of endogenous Labile Iron (III) pools in C. elegans model. Upon binding with Iron (III) ions, the probe NAP-3 changes its fluorescence from green to red, which can be used to measure imbalance of Iron content in blood. The probe may be useful as theranostics (a new field of medicine which combines specific targeted therapy based on specific targeted diagnostic tests) for Thalassemia patients.

Very recently, they have observed that there is an excessive accumulation of Lipid Droplets (LDs) in Third Stage Human Cervical Cancer Tissues taken from patients. They discovered FIRST yellow Fluorescent Probes FLUN-550 and FLUN-552 for imaging and quantification of these LDs, which will help in early diagnosis. These findings have been patented and published in reputed international journals.

A significant contribution to the research on bone health

Dr Ritu Trivedi has worked on several molecules derived from either natural resources or chemically synthesized for improvement of bone health. Out of these, a pure small molecule has shown promise as an anti-resorptive agent and is being prepared for clinical trials. She has worked on the standardized fraction of Dalbergia sissoo that acts as an osteogenic agent that has led to translational benefits as a rapid fracture healing agent as well as is valuable in primary osteoporosis.

Further, her work on the nanoformulation of Spinacea oleracea has led to a product for osteoarthritis. These technologies have been licensed to Pharmanza Herbals Pvt. Ltd. for post-menopausal osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and both are in the market by the name Reunion® and Joint Fresh® respectively.  In addition to translational work, Dr. Trivedi has established involvement of microRNA’s in bone formation and has shown how miRNA exerts skeletal anabolic effects epigenetically during weaning (bone formation period) by suppressing Hdac1.

Dr. Trivedi has also established effectiveness of flavonoid-rich transgenic plants for improving bone health in animals. She has published more than 90 research papers in the journal of repute and patents that have been commercialized as technologies.