DBT to fund R&D of genome engineering technologies

The circular by Department of Biotechnology mentions that the preference will be given to multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional or networking efforts to develop genome engineering technologies and their applications

New Delhi: The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) has sought proposals from the researchers who have developed novel genomic engineering technologies with wide-ranging applications in various bioscience verticals.
DBT’s Task Force on “Genome Engineering Technologies and Their Applications” in its latest circular has listed out the relevant categories and the format in which proposals could be sent by the concerned interested applicants.
In the first category is the development of new methods, tools, processes and platforms for genome-wide studies: Examples include the development of multi-marker measurement at the level of single cells or a small set of cells, new molecules, tools and methods to enhance manipulation of genetic material in hosts.
Proposals in the above category should clearly specify current state of the technology in the national and international context’ novelty of the technology being proposed to develop and potential applications and/or application groups.
The second category for whom the DBT has sought interest include novel applications and improvement of genome-wide technology platforms as well as genome-editing methods. For example, the application of emerging genome-editing technologies such as CRISPR, TALEN and emerging approaches to homologous recombination in large scale, including development and establishment of high-throughput techniques to modify gene expression in space and time or validating the importance of QTL/SNP loci. Also, the development of new disease models and model systems that can significantly advance research in plant, animal, environmental and human health.
Proposals for the second category should also include technologies that will be used and/or improved and scope of development of resources to be made available for the larger biological science community.
As per the DBT circular, preference will be given to multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional or networking efforts.
Interested applicants are requested to submit full proposal in DBT format online through the E-promis before 14th July, 2017. A soft copy of the same proposal should also be sent over dhananjay.tewary@nic.in to Dr Dhananjay K. Tiwary, Joint Director, Department of Biotechnology.