“Digital health has a huge growth potential in India”

In an interaction, Mr Vinod Kumar Reddy, Founder and CEO of Zoylo responded to the questions from BioVoice over the need for creation of such an app and other queries related to digital healthcare in Indian context


Zoylo claims to be India’s first map-based online healthcare app that connects users to a plethora of healthcare services like online doctor appointment, diagnostic booking, order medicines, and more in the most convenient and hassle-free way. In an e-interaction with the BioVoice, Mr Vinod Kumar Reddy, Founder and CEO of Zoylo shared details behind the creation of the app, current status and future of digital healthcare in India. Read on:

Please tell us the story behind the foundation of Zoylo and its journey so far?

I truly believe that “necessity is the mother of invention” and so is the story behind Zoylo. Accessibility to various healthcare services in bits and pieces is what originated the idea of Zoylo which aims at becoming a mega e-healthcare platform offering every single healthcare, medical, and wellness service under one roof. Going digital is the only way left for improvisation of healthcare system in India. Though, digital healthcare is available for long, the fragmented availability of the services and their inaccessibility to people has created space for the foundation of Zoylo. This is where we fit as a single platform with highly user-friendly map-based app for multiple healthcare services. We are bridging the gap in healthcare with a transparent service delivery model where users can see, compare, and choose the service they need with greater convenience.

Our journey, till date, has really been exciting, challenging, as well as rewarding. We have achieved good brand recognition and extensive geographical coverage across more than 600 locations in India in a very short span of time. Our media presence is also palpable and we are very close to achieving the very essence of our existence through our first ever community welfare program, the “HealthForAll” campaign this World Health Day on 7th April. This is going to be the most satisfying milestone of Zoylo which aims at generating awareness about preventive care among the masses by offering free health check-up and doctor consultation.

What are the unique features of Zoylo? How do you stand apart from other players/competition in the market?

Our vision and purpose make us unique. Zoylo is a name that truly symbolizes healthcare in entirety. Its services cover everything from a single pill of medicine to a whole lot of hospital packages. We stand as a mega platform for healthcare, medical care and wellness solutions stretching across the length and breadth of our country covering more than 600 locations. Our unique map-based app brings a number of services at the fingertips of users, that too, in the most transparent way. Our users can compare cost, features, facility, and other details of the service provider before they opt for any service. We are also sticking to our commitment towards a healthier India through national welfare programs.

I believe every business is different with its own set of customers and market share. Likewise, our business model is also different that brings every single entity in healthcare service industry under one roof. We stand apart through our offerings and the interface through which we connect to our users. The map-based platform brings us closer to our customers who are availing our services in clicks. Also, in a very short span of time, we have received good response from the users and the service providers who prefer us for seeking and rendering the services. There are many other things like effective media presence, ever increasing user base, and awards and recognitions that keeps us as the front runner in the industry.

What is our business model and your future revenue outlook?

Our business model dwells on a symbiotic relation with our service providers. Our hybrid map-based platform is technically rich enough to become the preferred choice of new age health professionals and organizations who are willing to reach their tech savvy customers in the digital way. We generate revenue from every single transaction done on our platform, be it coming from independent doctors or clinics, practitioners, small and big hospitals, diagnostic services, online pharmacy, and any other service listed on our platform.

We are adopting strategies for a 360 degree coverage of market in the healthcare industry. Our customer base includes Indian masses and the corporate segment from metro cities as well as tier II and tier III cities. The revenue inflow is obvious considering our rapid expansions, growth of user base and the aggressive additions of various types of healthcare services available.

How do you view the digital healthcare market in India? What are the potential opportunities that are yet to be tapped?

Well, I look at digital healthcare domain in India as the most fertile ground for budding entrepreneurs with endless scope for innovation, technical integrations, aggregation of services, and enhancement of service delivery models for lasting results. It is one such sector that embodies huge potentials to grow and touch the untapped and unorganized segments of the market. While “Digital India” and “Make in India” have become the mantra for success in today’s shining India, I feel the right approach towards understanding and catering people’s healthcare needs will fetch good results. In this regard, I must say, that healthcare should come as a right to the users and not as a privileged which we are trying to do through our platform that provides options, accessibility, and affordability to the end-users leaving the “right to choose healthcare” in their hands.

Tremendous opportunities lie in connecting the data within the healthcare network for quick service delivery, error free maintenance of health records, and their quick retrieval during emergencies. One platform to access doctors, diagnostics, and medicines, the services which usually go together, should be facilitated in a cost and time saving manner to meet the requirement of today’s busiest generation.

What do you consider as challenges for digital healthcare policy and implementation?

India has gone completely digital which in itself was a challenge with 68% of its population living in rural areas. Not just shopping, travel and food, today people prefer even health on the digital platforms. The other day, I was reading news about urban women getting more inclined towards digital healthcare to get a better healthcare for themselves and their families. That being a great news, there are some existing challenges and obstacles as well. For a proper implementation and integration of digital healthcare, there has to be great technological advances like big data that will help in better strengthening of disease surveillance. Also, MedTechs and various mHealth apps need an exposure and usage to bring good health to everyone on their fingertips.

There is still a lack of comprehensive health and research policy that can only be bridged with the advancement of technology. A mass awareness of digital healthcare and its benefits are needed through the power of social media.

 Where do you see the company in next five years? What are the immediate priorities?

Well, our current momentum makes me very positive about our market position in the next five years. We see our name going beyond the Indian geography with a humungous customer base providing the strength to soar high. From corporates to common people, we see ourselves as the first choice of all and our app as the must-to-have app in everyone’s device.

Our immediate priority is to meet the most basic healthcare requirement of the people by stretching our network across every nook and cranny. Reinforcing our presence with unmatched services, commitment towards the quality, and value for money is what is going to be our move always.