DIVOC Health set to launch 20 new telemedicine labs in India by 2021

With big expansion plans in India, DIVOC Health will launch 20 new laboratories that will generate close 600+ new employment opportunities by 2021 with almost double the income

New Delhi: With a mission to create the most advanced digital diagnostic laboratory network enabling the connected world and to provide telemedicine and instant care, DIVOC Health launched its first, one-of-a-kind, technologically advanced DIVOC Laboratories in New Delhi in August 2020.
Within a month of its establishment, DIVOC Lab in New Delhi has over 100 patients each day and aims to be of assistance to 500-600 patients daily by the next 90 days. The Laboratory has already been accredited by NABL and ICMR and have all tests and diagnosis available including Covid19.
Now successfully operational and gaining trust of many, DIVOC Labs is all set to expand its footprints in India. DIVOC Wellness sponsored by venture capitalist impact financing from London, England. They are preparing to open 20 labs across Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities like Lucknow, Bhopal and Jaipur, etc. The focus of the expansion will be on developing more number of ‘Labs of the Future’ where patients have access to instant diagnosis and results at the doorstep within minutes. This will support the growing demand for high-level testing in India and empower the telemedicine segment in faster patient care.
Dr Kanav Kahol, CEO, DIVOC Health, says, “We are working on a unique platform that will allow phlebotomists to double their income. We aim to provide a modern, quality driven digital approach to laboratory operations that facilitate consumers with unprecedented reliability, convenience, and impactful innovations. We have actually seen a demand increase for innovations and we promise to be digitally empowered, bring innovations to improve health and be trustworthy and responsible for our operations. For telemedicine to be successful it is important to have equally faster diagnostics at the doorstep, just as instant as virtual health consultations are. We have plans to establish 20 of Divoc Labs in India within this year.”
The great emphasis placed on technical training over the years is now helping development of market as well as faster turn-around times. DIVOC Health is an innovative firm; it brings to the market solutions that address the fundamental needs of the healthcare system recently Introduced DIVOc Labs – the Labs of the future – diagnostics test and results at home with accuracy in less than 20 minutes
DIVOC Lab has setup a state of the art facility in Okhla, New Delhi which can enable a variety of testing. The lab of the future has collaborated with United Kingdom laboratories to bring 21st century innovations into diagnostics. It offers Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Microbiology, Hematology, Serology, Clinical Microscopy, Cytopathology and Molecular Biology. It also offers TRUNAAT, RT PCR and Antigen COVID Testing pending ICMR notifications and approvals.
DIVOC Laboratories, formed by leading global health experts and practitioners, envisions enabling a digitally empowered integrated approach to diagnostics. It has also introduced at-home, instant diagnostics which would allow phlebotomists to conduct testing and deliver results right away. With faster results at home, DIVOC is also empowering and enabling the overall telemedicine segment in India. This innovation will enable a new generation of medicine where the operations can extend into peoples’ homes and the diagnostic continuum can empower a truly connected, omnipresent vision of health.