DRiefcase releases its first-ever Ad film campaign ‘ReportKoReportKaro’ to promote digitization of health records

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of digitizing medical records for easy access and management.

Mumbai: DRiefcase, India’s 1st integrated personal health record (PHR) app under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) that helps users to digitally manage their health records has launched a new campaign, #ReportKoReportKaro. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of digitizing medical records for easy access and management.
To support the campaign, DRiefcase released its ad film showcasing actor Rajendra Chawla, a prominent theatre, TV and film personality, to spread the message about the importance of organising health records in a hassle-free and easily accessible manner on the DRiefcase app. The brand also ran a social media contest ‘#ReportKoReportKaro’ by inviting funny captions from the audience on a still shared from the ad film. The contest was live across DRiefcase’s social media channels to create awareness about the film and engage with the audience on social media. The campaign saw great participation with over 500+ unique participants and the ad film has so far received over 3.5 million video views digitally.
Founded in 2016 by Harsh Parikh & Sohit Kapoor, DRiefcase sets itself apart by focusing on using digital medical records and providing a seamless user experience. The app allows users to upload their records via email and even offers at-home scanning services which includes scanning of radiology reports like X-rays and MRIs.
“Over a lifetime, an average patient generates a significant quantum of health records, but the information stored therein is often difficult to access for patients when they need it. Even today when everything is going digital, we see some people maintaining medical record files that are not just difficult to store but also time consuming for the doctor to go through each and every report.” said Harsh Parikh, Co-founder of DRiefcase.
He further added, “We’re all aware about how important it is to have a digital backup of our family’s health records but how many of us are actually taking time out to save those records on an app? It’s surprising to see people spend hours on social media apps watching and uploading videos but they don’t have a few seconds to upload health records that could potentially be life-saving. That’s when we thought there couldn’t be anything better than the #ReportKoReportKaro concept to spread the message.”
Driefcase is proud to be the first #HealthKiTijori in the country and aims to bridge the information divide in healthcare by providing a convenient platform for managing digital medical records. Additionally, every health record on DRiefcase is automatically tagged and indexed for easy retrieval, such that they can be retrieved in just under 10 seconds. “Going with the government’s plan to digitize healthcare data, we are confident that the ABDM will be a game-changer for the healthcare sector in India. We’re working tirelessly to be an important part of this transformative journey.”