Fast Forward 2019: Healthcare sector set to witness increased role of digital technology

Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and Big data will play major role in coming years in simplifying the entire healthcare and its delivery ecosystem, eliminating some of the manual process


The year 2019 is expected to accelerate the role of digital technological interventions in healthcare sector to a new level. More and more providers including hospitals and Insurance companies will move to digitization eliminating the paperwork. In the year 2019, it is expected that the around 30% of the process will be digitized and by 2025 complete healthcare system will be digitized.

Let’s take a look at few of these solutions:

Artificial intelligence to play a big role: Increase in demand of Tele-Medicines in underdeveloped countries or rural area, Artificial Intelligence will play a vital role and will emerge as a mainstream to support the increasing demand.

♦ Wearable devices: More and more people will be opting for the preventive care and opting for health monitoring mechanism such as wearables and monitor the risk associated with their profile. People will implement lifestyle changes and devote time and money to stay healthy.

♦ Apps: The mushrooming of startups who have innovated new apps offering solutions on variety of healthcare issues has already happened. Infact, people are already using them for wide range of issues such as advise from doctors on initial body symptoms, repeat consulting with doctors, booking appointments etc. However, the new year is expected to witness creation and dissemination of new specialized apps with offerings in focused areas.

♦ Digital diagnostic devices: The digital diagnostic devices such as blood sugar and blood pressure monitors would find wider acceptability. The innovation of new home based strips to diagnose various diseases would result in the availability of multiple digital health products in the healthcare market.

Cloud base solution will be on high demand: The Healthcare Industry is getting competitive with the increase in the number of high-quality providers and completion, however, data security remains the main focus.  Also, an increase in the complexity of information and data and generation of huge data will require bigger space thus cloud will emerge as a core platform for all the Healthcare players including the insurance companies.

Data will be the king: With the increase in usage of wearable devises and health applications will result into increase in data collections which will help in understanding the future need and design appropriate strategies and product.

Data Security & Privacy: With strict government guidelines and accreditation requirement, Healthcare player will be focusing having a robust system to ensure security and maintain the confidentiality of the patient and members.