FIT India launches educative videos for effective Insulin injection

The videos are a part of a support system that FIT India along with BD provides to India’s overburdened healthcare system that has just 0.7 doctors per 1,000 people


New Delhi: In its continuing effort towards strengthening the healthcare system, especially in the area of effective drug delivery, FIT India (Forum for Injection Technique) has developed a series of diabetes education videos. The 8 short clips help those living with diabetes and their caregivers understand the basics and the finer points of insulin injection technique. These videos were released earlier during the first of its kind meeting of the Hospital Infection Control Experts and Nursing leaders with FIT advisory board members on May 10, 2016 in Mumbai.

“We are privileged to be able to help India’s large population with diabetes with these educational videos. While these do not substitute the doctor’s guidelines, we understand that in India, even the most devoted doctor can only spend a short duration answering questions and clarifying doubts. The demonstrations are linked together by a doctor explaining insulin therapy in a supportive voice, much like a person would experience at the family doctor’s clinic. The idea is to optimize diabetes care, maximizing injection comfort, convenience, and safety. Our message to those who have been prescribed insulin is that proper insulin injection technique is essential for diabetes management. I myself have done so for 59 years,” says Dr Laurence Hirsch, Vice President, Global Medical Affairs -Diabetes Care, BD.

The videos are a part of a support system that FIT India along with BD provides to India’s overburdened healthcare system that has just 0.7 doctors per 1,000 people.

“The videos are based on Forum for injection Technique—FIT India recommendations. These are a set of documented best practices backed by evidence-based practice by clinicians, facilitated by BD and its partners. The online guide, available at the YouTube channel (FIT India for Insulin Injection Delivery), debunks myths, demonstrates techniques, and helps people understand the reasons behind the advice. The idea is to put the power back in peoples’ hands, so each one of us can take measures to ensure our own best health,” says Dr Sanjay Kalra, Department of Endocrinology, Bharti Hospital, Karnal, Haryana.

Mr Vishal Taneja- Business Director, BD Medical-Diabetes Care said, “We are committed to helping diabetes patients around the world live healthier lives through our innovative solutions and education that bring improved efficacy, comfort and convenience to diabetes drug therapy. Insulin treatment is the most effective approach for blood glucose control, but inappropriate injection technique compromises insulin therapy. The FIT patient videos are a timely initiative in India which will bring great benefit to patients, and will help us to continue improving patients’ experience with insulin injection.”

The diabetes statistics in India are startling: The World Health Organization tells us that the number of people living with diabetes has doubled in just 13 years. It also estimates that by 2030 India will have 101 million people living with diabetes. Another study estimates that 44 lakh people between 20 and 79 years do not know they have diabetes. This results in a compromised quality of life, a loss of productivity, and high out-of-pocket expenditure. All this can be compounded if drug delivery is compromised. BD along with FIT India aims at achieving the best possible health outcomes, and investing in 360-degree care.