Govt targets food grains production worth 270.10 million tonnes for the year 2016-17

Union agriculture and farmers welfare minister has approved the target production prescribed for different crops for the year 2016-17


New Delhi: The union agriculture and farmers welfare minister, Mr Radha Mohan Singh on May 25th revealed that the country will have record production of food grains during 2016-17. The Minister added that a good monsoon is expected in coming months and target of food grains production is set as 270.10 million tonnes for the year 2016-17.

Agriculture minster observed that this is an ambitious target for the food grains production and he has given his approval for the target production of different corps for the year 2016-17.

Mr Singh said that a target of 108.50 million tonnes rice production has been fixed for the year 2016-17. Whereas, it is 96.50 million tonnes for the crop of wheat. For all kinds of pulses, the target has been fixed 20.75 million tonnes whereas it is 35 million tonnes for oilseed. A target of 355 million tonnes production of sugarcane has been earmarked.

Minister said that despite two consecutive droughts, production of food grains went up in comparison to last year. It is estimated at 252.23 million tonnes of food grains in 2015-16.