IIHMR University’s Saamarthya 2.0 draws over 200 healthcare start-ups nationwide

Jaipur-based IIHMR Start-ups’ exclusive incubation program sees a surge in innovators, promises financial aid and comprehensive support for transformative healthcare solutions

New Delhi: IIHMR University, renowned for its healthcare-focused initiatives, is spearheading a transformative movement in the entrepreneurial landscape with the launch of Saamarthya 2.0, “An Exclusive Growth Incubation Program” under IIHMR Start-ups. Rooted in Jaipur, Rajasthan, IIHMR Start-ups aims to accelerate the growth trajectory of start-ups in the post-MVP or revenue-generating phase.
The recently concluded 2nd edition of Saamarthya witnessed a remarkable surge, with 15 highly innovative start-ups selected for incubation, marking a 114% increase from Saamarthya Chapter 1. These chosen start-ups stand to benefit from financial aid of up to 15 lakhs upon completion of the incubation program. Additionally, they will receive comprehensive support from IIHMR Start-ups, including guidance on gaining traction, enhancing healthcare and business knowledge, client connectivity, fundraising, and access to IIHMR’s extensive network acquired over its 40-year existence.
Dr. PR Sodani, President of IIHMR University, emphasized the program’s significance in nurturing the next generation of healthcare innovators, stating, “We are thrilled to launch Saamarthya 2.0 and empower these visionary change-makers who are reshaping the healthcare sector. Amidst the dynamic environment, supporting such inventive start-ups will empower the nation to tackle critical gaps within the healthcare sector. IIHMR Start-ups has aided 53 new ventures up-till now, reflecting IIHMR University’s steady commitment to fostering innovation in the healthcare ecosystem and building stronger grounds for all.”
The program attracted over 200 aspiring start-ups across India, showcasing a diverse range of applications, including tech-led innovations in healthcare, SaaS-based solutions, AR/VR applications, Fintech solutions, and wearable technologies for mental health.
During the final pitching round, spanning four days, a distinguished jury panel rigorously evaluated the participating start-ups, highlighting the exceptional calibre and diversity of solutions presented. From affordable diagnostic services for remote regions to cutting-edge AR/VR technology for eye treatments, advanced AI-driven diagnostics in cardiology, devices catering to smart pregnancy care, and detecting ear-related problems in children, the start-ups showcased groundbreaking solutions to critical healthcare challenges.
Puneet Datta, CEO OF IIHMR Start-ups, expressed his enthusiasm in supporting these visionary entrepreneurs, stating, “IIHMR Foundation’s initiative of supporting these budding transformers through IIHMR Start-ups aligns with the university’s mission of driving impactful positive changes in the healthcare segment. I would like to express my gratitude towards Dr. PR Sodani and the entire staff at IIHMR University for their determined efforts.”