Least transparent organization award for WHO?

In order to protest what it claims the authoritarian and misleading health policies of the World Health Organization, the Students For Liberty has presented it with the “Least Transparent Organization of the Galaxy” Award


New Delhi: The Students For Liberty staff and volunteers held a reception at the World Health Organization’s COP7 FCTC in New Delhi, India in order to present WHO with the Least Transparent Organization of the Galaxy Award. While the Council of Parties had its seventh conference (COP7) in the Delhi metropolitan area, the SFL aimed to draw attention to the dogmatic attempts of the WHO to fight harm reducing and innovative technologies such as vaporizers and electronic cigarettes.

“The WHO further qualifies for the award as it’s a shining beacon of hope for all proponents of keeping negotiations between bureaucrats secret and faintly informing the public only once their fate has been decided upon,” read the statement from SFL which added further that the full criteria for making WHO to its shortlist is that it has earned a galaxy-wide reputation by conducting the largest health experiments on humans in known history and did so without compromising the results with pesky public scrutiny over its decision-making processes.

Students For Liberty was founded in 2008 by a group of students who wanted to make a difference by supporting their fellow libertarian students on campus. Libertarian student groups had long been isolated from one another and the larger liberty movement.

“The smog and pollution outside is the most hazardous it’s ever been, but the UN health bureaucrats would rather regulate what we put into our own bodies than even think about harm reduction. We were there at the event and stood up for individual rights with our local Indian activists, and we’re already going viral,” claimed the SFL.

The Least Transparent Organization of the Galaxy Award is a Bricked-Up Door held up by four pillars – one pillar representing the common good, one for superiority, one causes harm as it prevents harm reduction, and one holds the door firmly shut.

Students For Liberty says the award is part of a movement to fight against the laws and rules put in place by governmental agencies who want to tell us how to live our lives and what we should put into our bodies. It awarded the WHO in order to bring attention to the absurd lifestyle regulations in place across the world which limit our individual freedoms and choices.