More than 500 tonnes of biomedical waste generated in India per day

While the Central Pollution Control Board's 2015 report shows that 1,69,913 healthcare facilities generated approximately 495.30 tonnes of biomedical waste each day, the figure in 2016-17 is expected to cross the 500 mark


New Delhi: The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), has reported in 2015 that 1,69,913 healthcare facilities (HCFs) generate approximately 495.30 tonnes/day biomedical waste. Report also mentions that 21,491 healthcare facilities have in-house treatment and disposal facilities and 1,38,001 healthcare facilities are using Common Bio-medical Waste Treatment Facilities (CBWTFs) for disposal of biomedical waste in environmentally sound manner.

The Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Mr Anil Madhav Dave, told the Parliament recently that there are reported violations of provisions of Biomedical Waste Rules by approximately 5980 HCFs/CBWTFs and 4965 such defaulting institutions have been issued show cause notices or directions to comply with the rules.

“Biomedical Waste Management Rules, 2016 require that the effluent generated or treated from the premises of HCFs should conform to the specified standard as provided in Schedule-II (8) before their discharge into the sewer. State Pollution Control Boards and Pollution Control Committees have been authorized under the Rules to enforce the above provision,” said Mr Dave.