National Technology Day: Experts emphasize growing influence of tech interventions in healthcare

The industry leaders also shared examples of how their companies are incorporating the changes in their product offerings

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New Delhi: On the eve of National Technology Day on May 11, the leading industry voices emphasized the growing role of technological interventions in healthcare and pharma. They also shared the examples of how their companies are incorporating the changes in product offerings.
Vineet Mehta, Co-founder and CTO at Alyve Health, Your Health & Lifestyle Ally said,As India celebrates National Technology Day, we celebrate the remarkable advancements that technology has brought to the healthcare field. At Alyve Health, we are committed to harnessing the power of technology, as an online health-plan-tech platform we offer a complete health and wellness solutions to Individuals, Employers, Insurance companies, NBFCs, and other corporates to offer personalized, comprehensive, cashless, and rewarding healthcare experiences to their employees/customers.”
“Through our platform we take care of outpatient medical care, doctor consultations, diagnostic scans, annual health check-ups, lifestyle management, habit coaching, and more. Our platform results in benefits like accessibility, efficiency and personalized recommendation basis diagnostic report, medicine suggestions basis automatic report and symptom analysis enabling endless avenues in an individual’s health,” added Mehta.
Harshit Jain MD, Founder & Global CEO, Doceree said, “Like other industries, the Indian healthcare sector is rapidly embracing technology, marking a new era of innovation. From personalized medicine and triggered messaging to virtual consultations and smart devices, technology is revolutionizing healthcare access, bridging affordability and information gaps, and promoting health equity, unprecedently. Data-driven insights too are becoming increasingly crucial for real-time patient care and drug development. A genuine applaud would go to the Govt. of India for introducing Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA), that is seeking to enhance healthcare access, relieve financial burdens on vulnerable groups, and improve overall healthcare quality—all with technology and data-driven methods. Evidently, the road for innovation and improvement in healthcare goes a long way with such progressive nation-wide initiatives.”
“Looking ahead, with technology soon becoming integral to reducing healthcare costs and aiding healthcare professionals in informed decision-making, innovations like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are poised to drive sustainable growth and transformative solutions in the industry,” Jain added.
Dr. K.V.S Ram Rao, Joint Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Granules India Limited said “National Technology Day assumes significance as a day to reflect on the critical role played by technology in all businesses, including pharma. At Granules India, we leverage cutting-edge technology to fulfill our commitment to healing lives through green science. Our vision is to pioneer the green chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Innovation across diverse technology platforms drives our expansion in development and manufacturing excellence, all while minimizing our environmental impact.”
“Through continuous manufacturing endeavours, where a certain level of innovation is implemented at every step of the way, and by opting for biocatalysts over traditional metal catalysts, and also by replacing traditional chemicals with environmentally friendly green sources, we strive to provide life-saving medication at affordable pricing and drive economic sustainability. Today, we celebrate the indomitable spirit of innovators who use technology in pharma for better health outreach,” added Rao.