neuro42 secures third round of investment for its neurosurgical breakthroughs

Serial Investor Karna D Shinde's Strategic Investment Propels Advancements in Portable USFDA-Cleared MRI and Robotics for Enhanced Neuroimaging and Precision Interventions

New Delhi: In a significant development, neuro42, a pioneering medical technology company specializing in portable MRI, robotics, and AI, has secured undisclosed investments from serial investor Karna D Shinde. This marks the third round of investment by Shinde in the company over recent years.
Having been closely associated with neuro42 since its inception, Shinde’s continued investment underscores his confidence in the transformative potential the company’s platform technology to advance neurosurgical outcomes.
“The diagnostic and interventional capabilities of neuro42’s MRI have the potential to transform the way challenging brain tumor cases are approached and treated,” stated Karna D Shinde, Investor and Strategic Advisor.
neuro42, renowned for its innovative contributions to neurosurgery, has achieved a major milestone with its groundbreaking diagnostic MRI product’s recent 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This regulatory approval, received in February 2024, signifies a significant step forward for neuro42 and paves the way for the anticipated commercial launch of its advanced diagnostic MRI machine later this year.
The USFDA clearance not only validates the quality and safety of neuro42’s MRI technology but also paves the way for expanded operations and market reach, benefiting healthcare providers, patients, and the company alike. Expressing enthusiasm about the FDA clearance, Abhita Batra, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of neuro42, said, “We are thrilled to announce the FDA clearance of our bedside MRI product. Our team has been focused on making a difference in patient care, and now we can finally arm healthcare providers with a valuable tool to improve accessibility to neuroimaging.”
neuro42’s MRI technology, tailored for brain imaging and interventions, has sparked interest from healthcare facilities in states like Telangana, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. Tailored for MR-guided interventions, it empowers neurosurgeons in complex and time-sensitive procedures like brain tumor treatment and epilepsy management. Its compact design enhances versatility in clinical settings, offering flexibility and convenience to healthcare providers, and reducing treatment delays. Integration of interventional MRI capabilities further streamlines neurosurgical procedures, optimizing overall efficiency.
In the realm of neuro intervention, the demand for advanced tools facilitating precise diagnosis and targeted interventions has never been more pressing. neuro42’s development of AI-driven tissue characterization features equips neurosurgeons with valuable insights, enabling informed decision-making and enhancing patient outcomes. The impending commercialization of neuro42’s MRI and robotic platform holds promise for revolutionizing neurosurgery, with potential benefits including enhanced treatment planning and patient care.