Online consultation for paediatric care grows at 250% year on year: Practo

Practo, India’s leading digital healthcare platform, partnered with the 4th Annual National Conference-SIMULUS 4, held from 27th February to 3rd March 2019 at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi


New Delhi: Practo, India’s leading digital healthcare platform, recently partnered with the 4th Annual National Conference-SIMULUS 4, held at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. The event was aimed at raising awareness of the need for high quality healthcare and use of technology in Paediatric Care.

Along with other esteemed speakers from International and National Paediatrician society, Dr Ajay Alexander, Head – Medical, from Practo took the floor.

Speaking at the event, Dr Ajay Alexander, Head – Medical, Practo said “Digital healthcare holds possibilities for transformative outcomes unimagined before. With the help of technology, we’re enabling access to quality healthcare to all. It complements the existing healthcare options, by ensuring patients do not self-diagnose, or get worked up worrying about their illness till they see a doctor physically. Paediatric care is a prime example of how online consult offers a peace of mind to parents by helping with a trusted, verified doctor’s advice at odd hours, during the time of an emergency, or even for any follow-up questions that the parents may have post a doctor visit. It’s one of the fastest growing speciality in online consultation at 250% y-o-y growth, and goes a long way in furthering our vision to help Indians live longer, healthier lives.”

Dr Ajay noted the growth of online paediatric consultations over the last year, as he spoke about the trust that patients are placing on the platform. As important it is to be available for all queries, it’s equally important to know when to draw the line and direct patients to see a doctors physically, he said. He spoke about the need for all ecosystem partners and doctors to come together to ensure patients are at the centre of everything.

Safety and real time accessibility is of primary concern especially in the field of Paediatrics and neonatal emergencies. A view supported by Dr Rakshay Shetty, President and Founder Member, PediSTARS India – “We thank Practo for their support and commitment towards delivering quality healthcare solutions to millions. Paediatrics has emerged as one of the fastest growing specialization in India and online consultation has played an important role in ensuring quality care is delivered at all times. It acts like our extended arm to ensure patients get the care they need, and have someone to fall back on, when a doctor cannot be reached physically.

Dr Jhuma Shankar, Asst. Professor – Dept of Paediatrics – AIIMS, and Organising Secretary of SIMULUS 4, further added – “Being part of SIMULUS4 is a great experience as we firmly believe that technology is the next healthcare frontier for all medical providers in India – doctors and hospitals alike. The changing patient behaviour, demand for 24X7 healthcare and the impact on preventive healthcare are all gradually disrupting the healthcare landscape in India. It’s heartening to see new-age healthcare players like Practo support important causes like these, that are meant to change the face of quality healthcare in future.”

*This news is based on a press release.