Parexel rated top CRO to work with

Company receives highest average rating across all 26 performance attributes out of 34 CROs included in survey and highest net promoter score demonstrating likelihood to be recommended to colleagues

June 6, 2023: Parexel, one of the world’s largest clinical research organizations (CROs). has been rated the “Top CRO to Work With” by investigative sites worldwide in the 2023 WCG CenterWatch Global Site Relationship Benchmark Survey.
Among the 34 CROs included in the survey, Parexel received the highest average rating across all 26 performance attributes evaluated.
“Study start-up has significantly increased in complexity and the pressure on investigative sites has never been greater,” said Teri Karcher, PhD, Executive Vice President, Head of Launch Excellence and Chief Drug Development Officer. “Parexel’s leading ranking in the WCG CenterWatch survey reflects our deep commitment to fostering strong relationships with investigative sites that position them for success and ensure the delivery of clinical trial results on time, on budget and with good quality for our customers.”
In this survey — which measures the quality of working relationships between CROs and investigative sites globally — respondents were asked to rate the importance of 26 performance attributes. Survey participants then identified the CROs they worked with the most in the previous two years and rated their performance on the attributes.
In addition, respondents rated the reputation of the 34 CROs, regardless of whether they had direct experience with them. Investigative sites also shared how likely they are to recommend the CROs they work with to their colleagues (Net Promoter Score) based on their direct experience over the previous two years.
In addition to receiving the highest average rating across all attributes, Parexel ranked highest on four out of the five attributes considered the most important to investigative sites and was selected as the CRO that investigative sites were most willing to recommend to a colleague. This year’s strong rating follows Parexel’s “Top CRO to Work With” rating in the 2021 WCG CenterWatch Global Site Relationship Benchmark Survey, which is the most recent year the survey was conducted.
As clinical research continues to evolve toward a truly patient-led model, the importance of investigative site relationships remains paramount,” said Clare Grace, PhD, Chief Patient Officer. “Parexel is focused on being the best partner to investigative sites throughout the drug development process. Being recognized as the ‘Top CRO to Work With’ for the second straight time serves as a reminder of the impact that our mutual work has on bringing life-changing treatments to patients.”
The 2023 WCG CenterWatch Global Site Relationship Benchmark Survey is a biennial survey developed with input from sponsors, CROs and investigative sites. The survey was deployed to more than 60,000 individuals representing investigative sites globally and was conducted online between Jan. 13 and March 6, 2023. More than 3,600 responses were received from site representatives across North America, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific with respondents remaining anonymous.