Philips announces 1500+ Cath Lab installations in the Indian Subcontinent

Launches OmniWire and Zenition 90 Motorised at India Live in New Delhi

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New Delhi: Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology has announced that it has 1500 + Cath Lab (interventional suite) installations in the Indian Subcontinent.
The company calls it a major milestone in its mission to create innovative solutions designed to meet its Quadruple Aim of better health outcomes, improved patient experience, improved staff experience, and lower cost of care.
Over the last quarter, the company has installed its state-of-the-art Azurion Cath Labs at major sites across the country including in cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune amongst others.
At the Live India event in New Delhi, Philips also announced the launch of two groundbreaking products to address the burden of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in India. OmniWire, the world’s first solid core pressure wire for coronary artery interventional procedures, was introduced for the first time in India. With its breakthrough solid core construction, physicians can more easily maneuver the wire in the patient’s circulatory system to measure blood pressure along the vessel and guide the delivery of catheters and stents.
The company also launched its latest Image Guided Therapy Mobile C-arm System – Zenition 90 Motorized, which is designed to help surgeons deliver high-quality care to patients. The new mobile C-arm with expanded capabilities is designed to not only meet complex vascular needs, but also a range of clinical procedures such as cardiac interventions, pain management and urology.
“The successful installation of 1500 + Cath lab in the Indian Subcontinent and the launch of OmniWire and Zenition 90 Motorised are momentous as they signify both our commitment to innovation and our enduring support to the health ecosystem in India. Signifying the best in innovation from Philips, these products provide doctors with technologies that ensure better outcomes for both patients and caregivers. As we look to improve the delivery of care in the country, Philips remains committed to remain an able partner to the government in meeting its healthcare goals” said Daniel Mazon, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Philips Indian Subcontinent.
Visitors to the company’s booth at India Live witnessed a full suite of solutions from Image Guided Therapy portfolio focused on Philips’ Structural Heart Disease (SHD) and Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) Suites. These solutions aim to address the increasing number of CVDs in India. The key attractions from Philips’ portfolio included:
SHD Suite: Philips is empowering healthcare providers to deliver better care for patients with SHD through purposeful innovations that work together to deliver procedural confidence and efficiency. The live integration of the image-guided therapy system and 3D transoesophageal echocardiogram via its state-of-the-art EPIQ CVxi ultrasound system deliver live 3D guidance for structural heart procedures.  The interventionalist has complete access to images, patient monitoring and reports at table side for real-time and easy manipulation, viewing and control.
PCI/ CAD Suite: As more CAD patients are considered for minimally invasive interventional therapy, optimal treatment planning is hindered by the fact that 2D coronary angiography has limitations for detecting and assessing coronary stenosis. Philips has designed its cardiology solutions to overcome these challenges so that healthcare providers can realize the benefits of clinical efficiency in the Cath Lab. In Philips’ PCI Suite, Image-Guided Therapy, iFR, IVUS and hemodynamic monitoring, as well as cardiac pre-procedure planning and advanced applications, are all connected to the image-guided therapy interface to allow viewing, manipulation, and custom configuration on the monitor from a single controller at table side or from the control room.
Mobile C-arm System – Zenition 90 Motorized: Motorized and impressively fast, the Zenition 90 Motorized is an intuitive C-arm that allows the surgeon to control it from the table-side with user-friendly controls and time-saving features – empowering the surgeon with greater flexibility and independence. It delivers state-of-the-art image quality for the most challenging procedures and is designed to meet complex vascular needs. The system allows greater clinical efficiency thanks to its automated workflows, the image controls via the Touch Screen Module and the advanced software solutions.
Omniwire: OmniWire is the world’s first solid core pressure guidewire, using advanced conductive ribbons embedded in its outer polymer layer to communicate pressure information. The front (distal) part of the wire is made from Nitinol, a super-elastic, durable material that is commonly used in non-diagnostic, interventional ‘workhorse’ guide wires. The back (proximal) part of the wire is constructed from a high-strength cobalt alloy that provides the high durability required for complex and multi-vessel cases.
Philips is one of the leading companies in Image Guided Therapy solutions with a large global installed base and strong record of industry-first innovations. The company’s IGT portfolio supports the effective and efficient delivery of care across a broad range of clinical specialties including Cardiovascular and General Imaging, amongst others.

*Source: Philips installation records