Pune to host unique ‘Bioenergy Mela’ on 7-8th July

The two day event at Pune as named will be held in the ‘ Mela’ format and is aimed at raising awareness about need to adopt bioenergy among the concerned stakeholders

Pune: The Union Ministry of Petroleum and Natural gas is organizing a two day “Bioenergy Mela” in Pune on 7-8th July, 2017 with 6-7 other ministries also participating in it. The Mela is aimed at bringing into focus the various initiatives in the country in the Bioenergy sector and towards developing an inclusive National policy frame work and sustainable mainstreaming of such technologies. This Mela will also help to create Awareness amongst the students, farmers, and other citizens about the Bioenergy.
India has taken an unprecedented initiative in the field of biofuels since last 5 years. Several policy interventions and removal of many hurdles in implementation of National blending targets have been initiated. As per the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, it has given a big push for the Ethanol Blending program and is close to achieving 5% blending at National level.
The biodiesel blending program that started on 10 August 2015 as a pilot in 5 cities, has now been extended to 6 states and sold through nearly 3700 retail outlets in the country and is geared up for further scaling. The Ministry also has initiated several actions for mainstreaming biogas program.
The two day event at Pune as named will be held in the ‘ Mela’ format. There will be multiple activities happening in parallel at the venue like: Exhibition for showcasing of various indigenous and foreign technological innovations and initiatives in the Bio Energy sector; Technical Sessions; Workshops for – Students, Farmers, Media & NGOs; Video Shows; Technical Tours; and Information Kiosks.

Online Registration: The participants can register by clicking here. The Google Chrome is advised for use during registration.

India is at the threshold of rapid scaling of the Bio Energy program and still have many challenges to be addressed. While we have a National policy in place, several challenges associated with the different technologies in the area of Bio-Energy and with the entire value chain needs be looked into and aggressively pursued.
The ministry has invited all stakeholders to take part in this unique event and team up with us for creating a secure, sustainable, environment friendly Biofuel economy to achieve a vibrant rural economy besides achieving Energy Security for the Nation.
In the Mela a provision for the Exhibition is also made. A stall space of 10X10 feet  may be provided  without any charges to showcase the relevant technology, products etc. The organizers can be contacted at biofuleworkinggroup@gmail.com