Qila.io and Mascot Spincontrol collaborate to enhance transparency in clinical research through blockchain

The collaboration between Qila.io and Mascot Spincontrol aims to fortify data security and integrity in clinical trials, ushering in a new era of trust and transparency in healthcare research

New Delhi: In a move towards revolutionizing clinical research, blockchain-as-a-service company Qila.io has partnered with a renowned Mumbai-based clinical research center, Mascot Spincontrol that specializes in conducting trials for beauty care, derma care, personal care, and home care brands, to introduce blockchain technology into the realm of healthcare research. 
The primary objective of this partnership is to leverage blockchain technology to secure, transparent, and tamper-proof clinical trial data. By incorporating blockchain solutions into the research process, Qila.io and Mascot Spincontrol aim to uphold the highest standards of data integrity and transparency, thereby ensuring the credibility of research outcomes and enhancing confidence among stakeholders and regulatory bodies.
Sid Ugrankar, Founder of Qila.io, highlighted the synergies between the two companies, stating, “The synergies between Mascot Spincontrol and Qila.io are significant. Mascot brings extensive expertise in conducting clinical research, understanding the intricacies of regulatory compliance, and maintaining the highest standards of data integrity. On the other hand, Qila.io offers innovative blockchain technology solutions, particularly in tokenization, which ensures the security and transparency of data. By combining Mascot’s clinical research capabilities with Qila’sblockchain expertise, we create a powerful synergy that addresses critical industry challenges and drives innovation in healthcare research.”
As part of this collaboration, Mascot Spincontrol and Qila.io have several joint projects and initiatives in the pipeline. These include implementing blockchain tokenization solutions for clinical research data sharing, conducting pilot programs to demonstrate the effectiveness of blockchain technology, and exploring opportunities for further integration of blockchain solutions in healthcare research.
Dr. Mohit Lalvani, MD and Founder of Mascot Spincontrol, emphasized the transformative potential of blockchain deployment in clinical trials, stating, “Blockchain deployment will improve the transparency and integrity of clinical trial results. The clinical data results would be irreversible and hence would build great faith in brands’ promise! We are proud to be one of the first companies in our industry to embrace this technology.”
Mumtaz Lalvani, CEO of Mascot Spincontrol, reiterated the company’s commitment to innovation, stating, “Deployment of blockchain in Clinical trial business is an industry first.  With this, we remain at the forefront of innovation in cosmetics clinical trial business and serving the needs of our customers.”
Unlike traditional collaborations, which may focus solely on technology or research, the partnership between Qila.io and Mascot Spincontrol represents a convergence of expertise and innovation. By integrating blockchain solutions with established clinical research practices, the companies aim to set new industry standards for data integrity and transparency.
Looking ahead, Qila.io and Mascot Spincontrol envision further advancements in blockchain-based solutions, expanded market presence, and continued contributions to the advancement of healthcare research.