Renowned PMR Specialist Dr Aastik Bhatt joins HCAH

Dr. Bhatt's Appointment marks an achievement for HCAH, spearheading innovative Out-of-Hospital neuro and stroke rehabilitation services

New Delhi: HCAH, India’s premier full-stack rehab and geriatric platform, has announced the appointment of Dr Aastik Bhatt, a distinguished physiatrist, commonly known as a PMR specialist (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation).
Dr Bhatt’s inclusion marks a significant milestone for HCAH, positioning them as the first out-of-hospital care provider in India to offer specialized PMR services.
This development signifies a new era in neuro and stroke patient rehabilitation, reaffirming HCAH’s dedication to transforming out-of-hospital care.
At the heart of patient care lies the PMR specialist, likened to the nucleus in an atom, governing treatment for various conditions. From strokes, cancer pain and chronic neuromuscular issues to pediatric ailments, musculoskeletal problems and disabilities, PMR specialists like Dr. Bhatt play a pivotal role in tailoring personalized treatment plans and guiding patients through their medical journey. This individualized approach streamlines treatment processes, alleviating both patient hassles and costs.
Dr. Bhatt, with his extensive experience and commitment to personalized care, expressed, “Each patient is a unique case with varying levels of impairment, whether stroke or any other neurological condition. As a PMR specialist, my role is to tailor treatment plans to address their individual needs, with only one goal – ensuring faster and optimal recovery.”
Dr. Gaurav Thukral, Co-Founder & COO of HCAH India, emphasized the organization’s commitment to addressing India’s PMR needs. He stated, “We are committed to meeting India’s PMR needs. As pioneers, we are the first and only ones offering expert-led PMR services in out-of-hospital settings. It will be key to our success by helping us deliver superior patient outcomes. With its established reputation in the West, characterized by advanced training and techniques, PMR specialists will play a crucial role in all our future rehabilitation efforts.”
Leading a multidisciplinary neurorehabilitation team at the HCAH Rehab and Recovery Centre in Navi Mumbai, Dr. Bhatt oversees a range of advanced procedures, including botox injections for spasticity, intra-articular steroid or PRP injection in hip, knee, or shoulder joint, peripheral nerve blocks, myofascial trigger point injection and minimally invasive pain management procedures. His expertise further bolsters HCAH’s mission to make rehabilitation services more accessible and convenient for patients across the country.