Rx Propellant’s 3GV: World’s first ‘IFC-EDGE Advanced’ certified green life sciences hub

Hyderabad's 3GV facility sets new global standard for sustainable infrastructure in life sciences, achieving remarkable reductions in energy, water usage, and carbon emissions

New Delhi: Rx Propellant, a leading player in India’s life sciences infrastructure, has announced groundbreaking achievement of its 3GV facility in Hyderabad’s Genome Valley.
3GV has secured the prestigious title of the world’s first ‘IFC-EDGE Advanced’ Certified Speculative Life Sciences Building, setting a new benchmark for sustainable infrastructure in the industry.
Spread across an expansive 150,000 square feet, 3GV is being claimed as the epitome of environmental responsibility and forward-thinking design. Developed by Rx Propellant, 3GV is poised to revolutionize green building practices in the country. With a focus on energy efficiency, water conservation, and reducing embodied carbon in materials, 3GV’s certification underscores Rx Propellant’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation in the life sciences sector.
EDGE-certified buildings like 3GV offer tangible benefits for businesses, including significant cost savings from reduced energy and water consumption. Additionally, green buildings enhance occupant health and well-being by providing improved indoor air quality and thermal comfort. In an era where sustainability is paramount, 3GV’s certification aligns with consumer and investor demands for environmentally responsible practices in the life sciences sector.
Vishal Goel, Managing Director of Rx Propellant, expressed his pride in 3GV’s achievement, stating,  “At 3GV, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sustainability and innovation in the life sciences industry. Our ‘IFC-EDGE Advanced’ certification not only reflects our commitment to the environment but also positions us as a preferred partner for companies seeking sustainable and efficient infrastructure.”
Echoing this sentiment, Milind Ravi, Chief Executive Officer of Rx Propellant, emphasized It is a huge milestone for us in the direction of reinforcing our commitment towards sustainability. Apart from 3GV we have a series of subsequent projects where we aim to achieve EDGE Net Zero certifications. Industry puts a premium on facilities that are environmentally sustainable and are aligned with their overall ESG goals.”
Shami Nissan, Partner and Head of Sustainability at Actis, Rx Propellant’s parent company, commended the achievement, highlighting  “With the support of Actis’ sustainability team, Rx Propellant is on a path to becoming a true sustainability leader in India’s life sciences real estate market. It is fantastic to see the assets achieve external recognition for best-in-class sustainability credentials, as evidenced by this landmark certification for 3GV, and these can help drive additional value and, in the case of efficiency measures, cost savings. It’s a win-win.”
The EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) certification, recognized globally for its stringent standards, evaluates buildings based on their environmental performance. To achieve the ‘IFC-EDGE Advanced’ certification, a building must demonstrate at least a 40% reduction in energy consumption, showcasing its superior resource efficiency and environmental impact reduction. 3GV surpasses these requirements with flying colors, boasting an impressive 41% reduction in energy consumption, an 87% decrease in water usage, and a 25% decrease in embodied carbon compared to conventional buildings of similar size and type.