Sartorius partners with Sanofi to pioneer Next-Gen Bioprocessing platform

Joint effort aims to usher in a new era of continuous downstream biomanufacturing, reducing costs and enhancing sustainability in drug production

New Delhi: Sartorius, a leading life science group, has announced a strategic collaboration with biopharmaceutical giant Sanofi to develop an innovative end-to-end platform for integrated and continuous downstream bioprocessing. This partnership aims to revolutionize biomanufacturing by combining Sartorius’ engineering and manufacturing expertise with Sanofi’s cutting-edge prototypes.
The collaboration will see Sartorius leveraging its capabilities to rapidly develop hardware, consumables, and process automation for a wide range of applications, from development to commercial scale. In exchange, Sanofi will provide Sartorius with exclusive access to its know-how and patents related to the integrated and continuous bioprocessing (ICB) platform.
Jan Schäfer, Head of Separation Systems at Sartorius, emphasized “Technological innovation is crucial for biopharmaceutical companies to significantly reduce the cost of drug manufacturing – while improving the environmental footprint of their operations – and ultimately getting life-saving drugs to patients faster. As the biologics landscape becomes more diverse, teaming up with Sanofi is an excellent basis for developing a unique modular platform that combines flexibility with the advantages of intensified bioprocessing. This collaboration will help Sartorius to further expand its position as a leading company in the field of integrated and continuous bioprocessing.” 
Integrated continuous biomanufacturing represents a significant advancement in biopharmaceutical production. By enabling uninterrupted and steady materials flow and integrating multiple unit operations into a lean process setup, ICB maximizes efficiency while reducing the overall process footprint. This approach leads to lower resource consumption, higher productivity, and less waste, ultimately contributing to more affordable patient care and sustainable bioprocessing.
Sartorius offers a comprehensive range of applications for process intensification in both upstream and downstream processes. From high-throughput tools for process development to scalable, flexible manufacturing solutions, Sartorius is at the forefront of driving innovation in bioprocessing.
This collaboration between Sartorius and Sanofi underscores the industry’s commitment to advancing bioprocessing technologies and delivering life-saving drugs to patients more efficiently and sustainably.