Serum Institute to acquire 20% stake in IntegriMedical, India’s first needle-free injection system technology

The investment by SII in IntegriMedical is expected to accelerate the development and commercialization of the N-FIS technology, making it more widely accessible to patients in India and worldwide

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New Delhi: Serum Institute of India (SII), the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, has announced a strategic investment in IntegriMedical, acquiring a 20% stake in the company, to advance Needle-Free Injection System technology.
The partnership between SII and IntegriMedical aligns with SII’s vision of ‘Health for All’ and IntegriMedical’s mission to ‘Transform Healthcare Globally’ by providing patient comfort, ensuring increased patient compliance, reducing needle-stick injuries, and enhancing the efficacy of liquid medication via needle-free dispersion.
IntegriMedical has developed a US patented Needle-Free Injection System (N-FIS) that utilizes high-velocity jet stream using mechanical power to effectively and consistently administer biologics and drugs. The innovative drug delivery solution aims to alleviate pain during administration, providing needle-phobic patients with a pleasant and stress-free experience.
Commenting on the strategic investment, Adar Poonawalla, CEO, Serum Institute of India, shared, “At SII, we are constantly seeking opportunities to invest in technologies that align with our mission to make healthcare accessible and affordable for people worldwide. IntegriMedical’s Needle-Free Injection Systems (N-FIS) represent a significant advancement in drug delivery and we envision a needle-free solution to deliver vaccines. We believe, this could potentially revolutionize the way we administer vaccines, making the process more comfortable for patients & healthcare professionals.”
“We are excited to have Serum Institute of India as our strategic partner,” said Sarvesh Mutha, MD, IntegriMedical. “This investment is a testament to the potential of our Needle-Free Injections System technology and its ability to revolutionize drug delivery. SII’s expertise in vaccine manufacturing and global distribution will be invaluable as we work towards making our technology more widely accessible to patients worldwide,” he added.
IntegriMedical’s Needle-Free Injections System also known as N-FIS has received regulatory approvals from CDSCO, CE, MDSAP and is ISO 13485 certified. Additionally, the technology is patented in the United States. IntegriMedical’s MD, Ankur Naik, has been instrumental in the development and clinical trials of the N-FIS technology, demonstrating its effectiveness in reducing pain and eliminating needle-phobia in patients.
The collaboration between SII and IntegriMedical leverages the strengths of both companies. SII brings its extensive expertise in vaccine manufacturing and global distribution, while IntegriMedical contributes its innovative drug delivery technology and research capabilities. Together, the companies aim to expand access to care and improve efficiencies in the global healthcare industry.
N-FIS will be available in the Indian private market, offering patients and healthcare providers an alternative to traditional needle-based injections. The technology’s advantages include the elimination of needle-phobia, alleviation of pain during administration, convenience of use, and prevention of needle-stick injuries and cross-contamination.