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Cipla Foundation & NIMHANS join hands to set up Palliative Care...

This integrated unit has provided support to over 2,000 individuals with neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Parkinson's, through in-patient, out-patient, home care

World Alzeimer’s Day: India’s first dedicated national dementia helpline number

This initiative is part of 'Bhul na Jana' campaign which is India's first campaign on dementia awareness

Roche announces collaboration with Lilly to enhance early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s...

The Elecsys Amyloid Plasma Panel has demonstrated clinical performance and is currently undergoing additional investigation to ensure clinical validation

Drug-like peptides inspired by snake venom can effectively treat neurodegenerative disorders

The drug development from a native snake venom toxin is tedious due to the venom crisis, stringent regulatory requirements, and costs

Alkem Foundation & ARDSI raise awareness for Alzheimer’s & Dementia at...

Renowned psychiatrists, neurologists and neurosurgeons started the event with a message for the society, followed by a 1.5-kilometer walk to raise public awareness

Research identifies new treatment target for CNS injury & neurological disease

Optic nerve damage was of interest to the researchers because it occurs in patients with glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

Study reveals big step towards better treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists demonstrate the influence of nanoparticles and surrounding ions on the formation of β-sheet structure in amyloid β proteins

Study could help better management of Alzheimer’s patients

The improved algorithm named ReAl-LiFE could also predict how a human test subject would behave or carry out a specific task

Global medicine spending to reach $1.8 trillion in 2026: IQVIA study

A total of 300 new drugs are expected to be launched over the next five years to 2026, significantly higher than levels seen on average during the past decade, and are expected to skew toward specialty, niche and orphan drugs

Meditation can increase grey matter in brains of Alzheimer’s patients: Study

Researchers have shown that a simple, cheap, easy to follow, meditation routine, when practiced daily for several months, can reverse grey matter loss in MCI and even in mild Alzheimer’s disease.........................