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Mylab launches breakthrough Point-of-Care solution to transform new-born screening

The device supports all the seven tests done for new-born screening globally

Baby undergoes 3.5-hour-long surgery for rare birth defects at Nanavati Max...

Detected with a rare large Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, the baby boy was born with his abdominal organs inside his chest cavity, pushing the heart and lungs to the right

New scientific insights may help in improving maternal & offspring health

While scientists earlier thought the changes in maternal metabolism that happen during pregnancy were due entirely to pregnancy hormones, they have now found in the mice model that actually microbes living in the maternal gut may contribute to these changes..................

India’s smallest baby survives!

Cherry with birth weight of 375 grams is the smallest surviving baby in South East Asia who underwent through complications and a stay of 128 days in the hospital before recovering and being discharged...…………..

Wockhardt Hospital creates history, 9 month old baby undergoes liver transplant

A 9 month old baby boy Kavya weighing only 5.6 kg is the youngest baby who had undergone a successful liver transplant surgery in the entire western India.................

Nutrition Week: Focus on optimal infant & young child feeding practices

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is observing National Nutrition Week from 1st September to 7th September 2017......

Premature babies too need mother’s milk: Study

Researchers at AIIMS have found that instead of being a help, starting an early complementary diet in preterm infants had an adverse effect on premature babies....

Access to medical technology can save thousands of premature babies

With hospitals and NICUs in India becoming equipped with the latest medical technologies, survival of premature babies in India has improved markedly says the Cloudnine Group of Hospitals....