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MediBuddy study reveals growing trend of high cholesterol levels in young...

Analyzing data from 10,990 individuals aged 20-40, the study sheds light on the limitations of relying solely on BMI

Lean Diabetes-a distinct entity warranting further investigation

Researchers from Christian Medical College, Vellore, collaborating with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York have studied the metabolic profile of persons with low BMI to investigate how it was different  compared  to other groups of diabetes

Non-obese & lean Indians also prone to type 2 diabetes: study

The incidence of type 2 diabetes has been showing an upward trend in India and elsewhere in the world..............

Hypertension high in rural areas, linked to kidney disease as well

As per the study conducted by the team led by Dr Y J Anupama of the Department of Nephrology at Nanjappa Hospital, hypertension adds to the risk of kidney disease..........

World’s heaviest woman alive gets tested at CORE Diagnostics

The Gurgaon-based clinical laboratory is diagnosing a 36-year-old Egyptian woman for monogenic obesity. The genetic test results will determine the future methods of treatment for her, say doctors.....