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World Brain Tumor Day: 20% brain cancer patients in India are...

Various programs and screening camps are organized in India to spread awareness about brain tumour symptoms, prevention and measures

New study reveals potential link between delirium and dementia

The study shows that patients who had at least one episode of delirium while in hospital went on to develop dementia at triple the rate of patients who did not

IIT Guwahati’s novel algorithm may code patients’ brain connectivity patterns into...

Since every human brain has a unique pattern of network connectivity, the developed UBNIN algorithm may be employed for creating individual brain IDs, possibly useful for brainprinting

MAHE researchers lead groundbreaking study in India on Parkinson’s disease &...

Recent studies have highlighted the significant role of gut dysbiosis in the development and progression of Parkinson’s disease, making this research by MAHE even more crucial

Indian Stroke Association calls for uniformity of stroke care across India

Leading neurologists and other experts from across the country participated in the National Stroke Conclave 2023 in Ahmedabad

Oxford researchers develop 3D printing method that shows promise for repairing...

When implanted into mouse brain slices, the structures became integrated with the host tissue

NCBS launches Rohini Nilekani Centre for Brain & Mind for Research...

An outcome of the INR 100 Crores grant given to NCBS and NIMHANS to further long-term research and build capacity for both research and practice in the mental health field

COVID-19 could cause long-term neuron damage: Study

New research has shown that COVID-19 can fuse brain cells together, and could explain brain fog, headaches, loss of taste and smell and other long-term neurological symptoms some patients experience

IIT Madras researchers develop Machine Learning tool to detect tumour in...

This web server called ‘GBMDriver’ is publicly available online as computational techniques need to be developed to properly identify the driver mutations of different types of Cancer
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Fortis & SRL Diagnostics contribute Rs 6 crore to IIT Madras...

The Brain Centre, launched in March 2022 at IIT-M focuses on mapping the human brain at cellular and connectivity levels and developing innovative technological solutions