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Glenmark to sell BeiGene’s oncology medicines, Tislelizumab and Zanubrutinib in India

Under this strategic collaboration, Glenmark will be responsible for locally required development, registration and distribution providing access to BeiGene's innovative oncology medicines for cancer patients across India

Intracellular protein delivery using hybrid nanotubes could revolutionize cancer treatment

The hybrid nanotube stamp system revolutionizes precision medicine with high efficiency and cell viability rates for cancer treatment

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre introduces India’s first Robotic Surgery Program for...

Breakthrough surgeries mark a significant advancement in cancer treatment, offering new hope for patients battling advanced ovarian cancers

Understanding Clinical Trials Landscape for Oncology in India

Closing gaps in clinical trial accessibility is vital to ensure equitable opportunities for diverse populations to benefit from advancements in cancer treatment

Biocartis and Merck partner to enhance cancer care in MEA

The collaboration aims to streamline RAS biomarker testing, addressing critical cancer diagnostic gaps in the Middle East and North Africa

Tobacco epidemic grips Indian youth: KPMG report

KPMG Report Exposes Consumption of Tobacco among 49% of Young Adults, Calls for Collaborative Tobacco Control Measures

Roche gets FDA approval for Alecensa in early lung cancer

This approval helps address an urgent unmet need, with about half of people living with early-stage NSCLC experiencing disease recurrence

ERLYSIGN gets CDSCO approval for large-scale clinical trials for oral cancer...

The company also secures patents for Oral Cancer Detection Kit in India and the US

World Health Day 2024: Apollo highlights health risks for developing India

The report reveals a significant growth in NCDs across India, India sees fastest rise in cancer cases

In-Med AI’s Oncoshield CT scan automatically detects lesions in liver &...

With insights at over 90% accuracy and in a matter of minutes, it is a quick and accurate support tool for diagnosing and treating liver and pancreatic cancers