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IIT Jodhpur researchers find an automated detection method for hypertensive retinopathy

The proposed system obtained average accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, and precision of 98.44%, 98.44%, 98.44%, 98.44%, and 98.48%, respectively

Scientists to identify structure-based potential antivirals against COVID 19

In a new study, a computer-based high throughput virtual screening approach will be used to identify antiviral molecules from different compound libraries that will be experimentally validated for antiviral potential.............

Computer-assisted orthopedic surgery has better precision & results

As per Dr Anil Arora, Department of Orthopaedics, Max Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi who has been a pioneer in the computer-aided knee replacement procedure, says that it results in fast recovery.........

Zebra partners with GE Healthcare to boost healthcare portfolio

New DS8100-HC series scanners and TC51-HC mobile computer from the Zebra Technologies provide improved workflows for healthcare professionals and better patient experiences.........