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Global Biofuel Alliance – An opportunity for indigenous technologies to fulfil...

India has surplus biomass residues in the range of ~200 million tonnes that can be converted into biofuels, writes Dr Syed Shams Yazdani

Synthetic biology has vast potential across industries: GlobalData report

GlobalData’s latest report, “Synthetic Biology,” highlights numerous industries, including agriculture, consumer, energy, food, healthcare, industrial materials, mining, packaging, and technology, that will be impacted

BioVoice eMagazine October 2023 | Issue 10 | Volume 4

The Cover Story analyzes the launch of Global Biofuel Alliance at G20 Summit with Expert Insights by Dr Syed Shams Yazdani, Group Leader, ICGEB-New Delhi. Read a series of power-packed interviews featuring Raghav Priyadarshi, CEO, Savikalpa Sciences; Amit Gandhi, CBO,; and Anuj Kumbhat, CEO, WRMS. Startup Special story features Mumbai based HaystackAnalytics.

G20 Summit 2023: India led Global Biofuel Alliance sets the global...

The initiative aims to position biofuels as a key to energy transition and contribute to jobs and economic growth

BioVoice eMagazine January 2023 Issue 1 Volume 4

Click to Read: January 2023 Edition of BioVoice eMagazine BioVoice News, India's leading B2B news media for BioTech, HealthTech and AgriTech, is celebrating its 7th anniversary...

Syngene International to acquire stake in O2 Renewable Energy II

A special purpose vehicle (SPV) formed by O2 Energy SG Pte Ltd, for generation and supply of renewable power

Turning fish waste into quality carbon-based nanomaterial

Scientists develop a simple, fast, and energy-efficient synthesis method for producing exceptional carbon nano-onions from fish scales

Biogas based electricity generation plant for dairy farmers inaugurated at Varanasi

The biogas plant at Varanasi dairy shall require about 100 tonne/day only which can be availed by about 2000 farmers (supplying about 25 kg per day from 2-3 animals) and few nearby Gaushalas

Technology to enhance biogas production of fat-rich sludge from dairy industry...

The technology will also be applicable for any biodegradable solid waste sludge and food waste from any food industry as well as food industry wastewaters..................

Novozymes embarks on mission to double its revenue by 2030

Unveiling its 2025-strategy, Novozymes sets out an organic sales growth target of 5+% CAGR for the 5-year period until 2025, coupled with the ambition to double the company’s revenue by 2030.......................