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Aarogya Tech raises $1.8 Million in seed funding

Within just a year of operation, the company has made remarkable strides, including the development of a disease -specific patient monitoring system to decrease chronic heart failure readmission rates

Terumo India advances treatment options for heart disease with launch of...

Ultimaster Nagomi™, by Terumo India, is one such new generation Drug-Eluting Stent that can facilitate smooth navigation to complex arteries and adapt to any vessel size with ease

Practo insights highlight a significant rise in cardiac consultations

In the last 4 years (2018-2022), Practo observed a 215% increase in total consultations related to cardiovascular health

Advent of ‘Personal ECG monitoring’ for heart health

In an era where health is a top priority, personal ECG monitoring empowers individuals to take control of their heart health, writes Neha Rastogi

Experts advocate proactive steps to arrest alarming rise in liver diseases

Excess fat in liver is a high-risk factor for non-communicable diseases like Diabetes and Heart Diseases

Lupin Digital Health launches first-of-its-kind digital heart failure clinic in India

This e-clinic aims to help cardiologists and caregivers manage heart failure patients effectively from the comfort of their homes

Researchers aim for rapid biomarker diagnostic test for stroke, using saliva

The researchers hope to identify sncRNAs that will accurately identify stroke and distinguish it from stroke-mimicking conditions

Medtronic & Fortis Escorts Heart Institute unveil ‘Reset the Beat,’ an...

To train over 1500 people on the life-saving technique of hands-only-CPR over 3 months

Screening camp in Srinagar identifies critical congenital heart defects in children

250 children screened for a congenital heart defect in one day at a mega camp in Kashmir, from which 39% need urgent intervention

Institute of Heart Lungs Diseases & Research Centre (IHLD) set to...

IHLD is presently the only Institute in North India to offer comprehensive cardio-thoracic healthcare services including complex procedures and heart-lung transplants