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New insights into strategy game of human immune system

A study has uncovered new “Common Patterns” present on various pathogens and revealed the strategy used by host cells to detect such pathogenic signatures

New study by BHU scientists raises prospect of Zika virus therapy

A team of researchers has found that the virus interacts with a set of cells called microglial cells, which protect the brain from infections and that a protein in the virus called ZIKV-NS1 plays an important role in its replication and immune evasion

Pune to host unique ‘Bioenergy Mela’ on 7-8th July

The two day event at Pune as named will be held in the ‘ Mela’ format and is aimed at raising awareness about need to adopt bioenergy among the concerned stakeholders...........

HIV-1 and the host: A tale of two genomes!

In an insightful scientific article, Dr Partha P. Majumder and Dr Ankita Garg, National Institute of Biomedical Genomics, share their interesting perspective on the latest research efforts to track the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV-1).....

India to host BRICS Environment Ministers at Goa

Union Environment Minister, Mr Anil Madhav Dave is currently taking the review of the preparations that are underway at Goa to host the high profile event....