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Merck India organizes its first-ever student engagement programme in Bengaluru

Merck’s IT Centre engaged with students to understand their expectations from their future workforce

CSIR-IICT to upskill students from North-Eastern states in a joint move

Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) will provide the students from the North-Eastern (NE) states with more advanced skills and training, jointly with Cipla, an Indian pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Mumbai.

New biotechnology centre set up at Arunachal Pradesh

The Minister underlined that the Department of Biotechnology has been playing a pivotal role to build capacity in the region for carrying out biotechnology research to address issues specific to the region and implement programmes for the benefit of the local communities...................

CDSA holds training programmes on clinical & lab practices

Clinical Development Services Agency, an extra-mural unit of the DBT’s Faridabad-based THSTI is organizing the two training programs, one on good clinical practice (GCP) and another on good clinical laboratory practice (GCLP) under the aegis of National Biopharma Mission...................

Training program to generate skilled human resources for hospitals

Under Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) skill initiative program, the institute is going to start a training course to generate skilled human resources ready for employment in the hospitals, diagnostic pathology centres, forensic laboratories..............

India launches its student startup policy

Let us develop brain rain and brain networks in place of brain drain, President of India tells heads of educational institutions during the launch....