Trivitron sets up its Centre-of-Excellence in R&D & manufacturing on AMTZ campus

The new centre of Trivitron will have provision to manufacture 300 million RT-PCR tests and over 70 million tests of Rapid Card/POCT per annum

New Delhi/Vishakhapatnam: To cater to the growing healthcare needs, Trivitron Healthcare has set up a Centre of Excellence with state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facilities at AMTZ Campus, Vishakhapatnam.
Centre was inaugurated on 19th August 2022 by Prof. Ajay Kumar Sood, Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India and Prof. (Dr) Balram Bhargava, Former Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research.
At the inauguration of Trivitron Center of Excellence, Dr GSK Velu, Chairman & Managing Director, Trivitron Healthcare said: “Trivitron is committed to providing futuristic applications by encompassing advanced R&D, which will be coupled with strong manufacturing capabilities under the supervision of leading scientists and industry experts in this center which spans over 43,000 square feet area.”
“This centre will implement research and innovation in the field of Metabolomics, Genomics, Newborn Screening, and Molecular Diagnostics and bring out cost-effective and affordable medical technology products and services. With 15 certified manufacturing facilities in India, USA, Finland, Turkey & China, Trivitron spearheads innovation in the field of In-Vitro Diagnostics, Medical Imaging and Critical Care Solutions,” Dr Velu added.
By harnessing the enormous power of genomic research and Trivitron’s expertise in advanced diagnostics, this Centre of Excellence will focus on creating unparalleled medical discoveries to transform healthcare delivery. The new centre is equipped with state-of-art infrastructure to support the entire product & process development lifecycle at the respective domain-specific labs to achieve optimal scale-up to industrial production.
Great Venture to Futuristic Medicine and Diagnosis
IVD CE-approved kits for various newborn screening, infectious, non-infectious diseases and cancer markers based on RT-PCR, ELISA, Rapid cards/POCT, clinical chemistry and CLIA will be manufactured at this facility. Since all the components are made in-house, Trivitron will have the fastest turnaround time in the country.
The major focus of this facility will be on the manufacturing of genomics-based kits and reagents. This will include the synthesis of customized primers and probes for RT-PCR-based screening kits, enzymes, master mixes etc.
The centre includes an Advanced Genomics and Molecular diagnostics facility for developing kits and reagents for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and Oligonucleotide synthesis (synthesis of customized primers and Taq Man Chemistry dual labelled probes), Protein Chemistry (design and expression of different recombinant enzymes and proteins), Cell culture and analytical lab. The company plans to manufacture all the raw materials and components of molecular diagnostics, NBS, and NGS in-house following advanced protocols and research approaches.
The new centre of Trivitron will have provision to manufacture 300 million RT-PCR tests and over 70 million tests of Rapid Card/POCT per annum. Additionally, more than 100 million tests can be manufactured for Genomics, ELISA, CLIA, NBS and other diagnostics kits.