UGC allocated 47.14 crore for international joint research programmes in last 3 years

Joint research programme to promote collaboration of Indian researchers with international techniques and technologies


New Delhi: As informed by University Grants Commission (UGC), a number of Joint Research Programmes (JRP) have been implemented through  Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs)/Agreements between the Government of India and the Government of other countries like USA, UK, Israel, Norway, New Zealand and Germany. This was stated by the Minister of State (HRD), Dr Satya Pal Singh in a written reply to a question raised in Lok Sabha (lower house of Indian parliament).

The Programmes are being implemented to provide opportunity to young Indian researchers and teachers of all disciplines to have international collaborative research training in advance techniques and technologies in emerging fields. Research scholars are also associated with the projects and participating in the exchange visits.

As informed by UGC, the funds allocated for various joint research programmes in the last 3 years are as follows:


Allocation of Funds (in cr.)

­Indo- US 21st Century Knowledge Initiative


Indo- Israel




Indo- Norway


Indo- German Partnership


Further, the Ministry of Human Resource Development has introduced the Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC), which facilitates academic and research collaborations between Indian Institutions and top leading Universities of the world.

With an allocation of Rs 418 Crores, spread over a period of two years (2018-19 and 2019-20), the scheme aims to support around 600 joint research proposals and will have a major impact in providing the best international expertise to address major national problems, expose Indian academicians to the best collaborators abroad, provide Indian students an opportunity to work in the world class laboratories, develop strong bilateral relationships in research, and improve the international ranking of Indian Institutions.

Moreover, in exercise of the powers conferred by the provisions of the Institute of Technology Act, 1961, each IIT enters into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with educational institutions across the world for academic and research collaboration, including student and faculty exchange programmes, joint research projects, joint Ph.D. programmes and twinning arrangements. The Indian Institutes of Management can also enter into collaboration with educational or management institutions in other countries, to extend the interests of management education and research, under the provisions of The Indian Institutes of Management Act, 2017.

The Indian institutes of science education and research have also entered into MoUs with foreign institutions for collaborative research, and faculty and student exchange programmes.