World Alzeimer’s Day: India’s first dedicated national dementia helpline number

This initiative is part of 'Bhul na Jana' campaign which is India's first campaign on dementia awareness

New Delhi: On the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day, doctors have launched India’s first dedicated “National Dementia Helpline number ” to help dementia patients get timely consultation and treatment.
It is first of its kind initiative by doctors where patients can get free consultation from leading neurologists and other doctors of India. This initiative is part of “Bhul na Jana ” campaign which is India’s first on dementia awareness. “Bhul Na jana” campaign aims to reach out to at least 1 million patients who are suffering from Dementia.  This campaign also aims to spread awareness around dementia, early detection, treatment and proper management.
Dementia’ is a collective term used to describe a set of symptoms that target a person’s ability to think. It is a mental disease that leads to memory loss and can severely affect a person’s life. The disease limits one’s social communication and interaction. About 8.8 million Indians older than 60 years live with dementia. Dementia is more prevalent in urban than rural areas. Alzheimer’s is the most common type of Dementia and is majorly seen in aged people.
Dr Praveen Gupta, Principal Director of Department of Neurology at Fortis Memorial Research Institute who is heading the campaign said ” With this campaign we want to create awareness around dementia so that its early diagnosis and treatment can be done. National Dementia Helpline number will provide free consultation and treatment advice from leading dementia experts and doctors. Any dementia patient across the country can take help from this helpline number.” The campaign Bhul na Jana urges people not to forget patients suffering from dementia and take timely action for proper treatment.”
The Dementia Helpline number is 9818687903.It can be reached from 9am to 6pm everyday. By calling on this number dementia patients can get free consultation. and advice to manage the diseases properly.
The Dementia Helpline number was launched in the presence of senior citizens from many RWA of Gurugram as this helpline number aims to help elderly and their families who need dementia related help..