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GARDP and Bugworks join forces to accelerate development of a novel...

The compound being developed by Bugworks, BWC0977, is aimed at treating patients with serious bacterial infections in both critical care and community settings

“Our lead antibacterial asset is undergoing first-in-human phase-I clinical trials”

Dr Vasan Sambandamurthy, Senior Vice President, Bugworks Research India shares his views on the current biotech and startup scenario, his company’s journey so far, R&D initiatives and future outlook

Bugworks Research welcomes Dr Renu Swarup to its Global Advisory Board

Former secretary of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and reputed Biotechnologist joins the Advisory Board to provide strategic guidance to the project portfolio of Bugworks Research

GARDP supports Bugworks in assessing safety of new antibiotic compound

The support of the cardiac safety study follows a memorandum of understanding signed by GARDP and Bugworks in August 2020 to accelerate the development and availability of antibiotic treatments