7th International Conference on Rice Bran Oil held in Hyderabad

The theme of ICRBO 2023 was Awesome Rice Bran Oil for Sustainable Ecosystem

Bengaluru: The International Association of Rice Bran Oil (IARBO) in association with The Solvent Extractors Association of India (SEA) organized the 7th International Conference on Rice Bran Oil (ICRBO)-2023 in Hyderabad.
The theme of ICRBO 2023 was Awesome Rice Bran Oil for Sustainable Ecosystem (ARISE).
Speaking on the occasion, Jayesh Ranjan, IAS, Principal Secretary to Govt, Ministry of Information Technology, Electronics & Communications Department, Govt. of Telangana said, “Telangana is witnessing a Yellow revolution with the growth in Edible oil production. The Government is continuously focusing on building Agri infrastructure in the state and 60% of the Government budget is on Agri growth. We have offered direct benefits to farmers with Rythu Bandhu and crop insurance benefits through Rythu Bima. We have set up Agri University for research and development. The Government is always encouraging industry and has a unique platform TS-IPass to facilitate entry into the state.”
Lifetime achievement awards were presented to industry veterans for their contribution to the identification, research, and promotion of Rice Bran Oil. O. P. Goenka for being pioneer in Rice Bran Oil in India. Dr. V. Prakash- for scientific contribution for promoting RBO as edible oil, Dr. RBN Prasad for revolutionary development of enzymatic degumming process. Dr. A R Sharma for his visionary leadership in promoting branded Rice Bran Oil. Dr. Xuebing Xu- for scientific contribution in value addition of Rice Bran Oil (China) and Dr Raintong Singanusong, Founder of IARBO & ICRBO for product development of Rice Bran (Thailand)
Speaking at the conference, G. Kamala Vardhana Rao, IAS, CEO, FSSAI & Secretary, Government of India said, “India has a huge import bill for edible oil and is essential commodity for the people. The government is increasing excise duties on some edible oils to encourage the use of domestic oils. Rice Bran oil, with all its benefits, can help bridge the gap as it has a huge potential. In fact, in the recent budget, a lot of emphasis was made on nutrition security. Edible Oils are a very important source of nutrition. Even historically, oils were a main source of nutrition in India. Already, the fortification of rice with iron, folic acid, and B12 for school children is being done.
He added further: “Research organizations should focus on identifying ways to enhance the nutritional value of edible oils. FSSAI should set standards to ensure the implementation and production of fortified edible oils. India also witnesses a lot of adulteration in food products, this needs to be stopped. Consumers should be educated about the health benefits of edible oils like Til, Groundnut, and rice bran oil. The best way forward for India is to increase oil cultivation, increase extraction, and spread the education about benefits of Indian oils to increase consumption, this will help reduce the price and enhance the consumption of Rice Bran Oil.”
Speaking on the occasion, Ajay Jhunjhuwala, President, of The Solvent Extractors Association of India said, “At ICRBO 2023, we have the leading experts and researchers in the field to explore the latest developments and advancements in this important area through Technical, and Nutritional sessions. This conference is a unique opportunity to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and collaborate on new initiatives that will help improve the research on rice bran oil and its value-added products and improve the usage of this ‘Wonder oil’. I am sure the sessions will help us understand the latest information on the nutritional research on rice bran oil, wastage minimization, R&D, Marketing, and dynamiting future advancements. As an industry we need to look at innovative.”