Aetna introduces telemedicine on a monthly subscription model in India

Offering a family of four unlimited teleconsultations for only Rs 250/month, the vHealth is offered in India by Aetna’s fully owned subsidiary, Indian Health Organisation


New Delhi: Aetna International, one of the world’s largest health benefits businesses and a Fortune 100 company, has introduced vHealth by Aetna with a monthly subscription option. Available at Rs 250 per month, this new primary care service will entitle a family of four to unlimited consultations with specially trained doctors.

The company in a statement to the press mentioned: “vHealth by Aetna offers advice and treatment for illnesses, management of chronic diseases, advice on alternative treatment options and interpretation of diagnostic reports. Consultations can be booked through a new mobile app and subscribers can choose to engage with in-house primary care doctors by video or telephone call. During their consultation, people can share medical records and pictures with doctors and store consultation details, medical reports and prescriptions for easy reference. With this monthly package, vHealth will enable people beyond metro cities, in tier-II and tier-III cities to access high-quality, affordable and personalized healthcare through teleconsultation.”

India’s disease burden is increasing and people suffer from self-medication, self-diagnosis and excessive use of antibiotics. By improving access to primary care, vHealth by Aetna intends to encourage a more positive approach to health, by supporting all the healthcare needs of the family. Doctors spend quality time with patients, listening to their concerns, helping with diagnosis & treatment, and where appropriate, directing them to the right specialist. By partnering with patients throughout the treatment journey, vHealth can improve the family’s health and help them to live healthier lives

“vHealth by Aetna is delivered through full time, in-house doctors who are specially trained in telemedicine. Doctors follow robust scientific clinical protocols which helps them to identify the root cause of a problem,” claims the company. “Consultations are closely monitored to ensure clinical quality. As a result, after 24,000 consultations, vHealth by Aetna has been able to reduce physical consultations by 70%. Patients have rated the consultations 4.5 out of 5 and the service has a Net Promoter score of +47,” it said.

Speaking about the launch of the new product, Mr Manasije Mishra, Managing Director, Indian Health Organisation & Aetna India said, “vHealth by Aetna has been able to deliver high-quality care. Customers have appreciated the time spent by our doctors on listening to all the concerns, the proactive follow ups and regular guidance. I am delighted that we are now able to make world-class primary healthcare available everywhere in India.”