Arrival of Panasonic Toughbooks revolutionizing healthcare into the domain of Health-tech

Interconnected Toughbooks from Panasonic are claimed to reduce response times exponentially, transferring information within the hospital network in real time. The only rugged device built to operate in a sterilized environment without compromising safety standards

Portable and versatile, Toughbooks are said to be the choice device for any healthcare specialization; compatible with x-rays and blood pressure readers

As per Panasonic, its Toughbook® portfolio is modernizing healthcare and pharma as a durable mobility strategy, providing purpose-built solutions across hospitals, clinics, and labs. The medical industry has witnessed a breakthrough by adopting integrated health tech applications such as the Toughbook®, which are expediting and automating processes, saving time, money, effort, and in the process, lives.

From the ambulance to the operation theatre, Toughbooks® are automating end-to-end patient care

In a field in which time is of the essence, Toughbooks® are reducing response times exponentially. From the moment a patient is admitted into the ambulance, his or her personal information, medical history, and response levels are immediately uploaded via data connectivity from the Toughbook® to the hospital server. Doctors on-duty in the emergency room can assess the criticality of the situation and wirelessly communicate the patient information to the operation theatre, which is prepped for surgery ahead of the patient’s arrival. All Toughbook devices are interconnected, to the extent that the 4K ultra-high definition Toughpad® model doubles up as an interactive medical-grade surgical monitor. In the critical areas of endoscopy, arthoscopy, and surgical microscopy, Toughbooks® are matching the clinical need for higher resolution monitors to enable the precise viewing and 3D projection of complex anatomical regions.

A health-tech mobility strategy that brings doctors and nurses closer to their patients and their work 

With two operational modes – tablet and notebook – every Toughbook® model works as a portable, lightweight handheld device, with a removable support strap at the base and a swivel hinge for wide angle viewing. An unparalleled mobility strategy, Toughbooks® can be utilized on-the-go for real time readings and sharing reports with patients. Integrating multiple solutions into a single device, Toughbooks’® customizable software applications render the devices compatible with any specialty. They can be connected to blood pressure readers for general physicians, function as x-ray readers for orthopedists to study scans, and touch-based interfaces for nurses to input patient information.

 The only device built to withstand sanitized hospital and laboratory environments

The Toughbook® range offers devices that can be operated within pharmaceutical laboratories and biomedical research facilities, due to their extreme compliance with infection-control protocols. The special design of the Toughbook® Health Tablets enables them to withstand disinfectant solution wipe-downs by medical personnel that are required to sterilize point-of-care devices. The all-weather design protects them against dust and water intrusion, with military-grade ruggedness and drop-tested certifications to flawlessly withstand intense environments and exposure to natural elements.  Engineered for uninterrupted use, the 6 hour lasting hot swappable batteries allow healthcare professionals to change batteries without the device switching off, allowing for whole day, shift-to-shift operations.