Bangalore based Fortis Hospitals celebrates Doctors’ Day

On the occasion of 'Doctor's Day', the doctors from Fortis Hospitals participated in various colorful activities including fashion show on 1st July

Dr Murali Chakravarty lighting the lamp with Dr Gayatri Kamath and Mr Raj Gore beside.

Bengaluru: In a bid to recognize the noble and righteous services of doctors, Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore celebrated National Doctors Day, by organizing various activities for the medical fraternity.

July 1 is celebrated throughout India as Doctors Day in honour of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, legendary physician and second chief minister of West Bengal. Dr B C Roy was born on July 1, 1882, and passed away on the same day in 1962.

Doctors at Fortis Hospitals participated in the activities with zeal and enthusiasm. The fashion show witnessed the doctors walking the ramp with elegance and grace. The celebration turned out to be an excellent platform for the doctors to exhibit their talent and skills. The melodious musical performances left the audience enthralled and spellbound. The dance performances mesmerized the spectators and were performed amongst loud applause and cheers.

“Doctors form the backbone of the medical fraternity spectrum. They form an inevitable and irreplaceable part of everyone’s lives.  This is an ideal day for all of us to pay tribute to the doctors and appreciate their ability to comfort and heal. Doctors’ Day celebration is a humble gesture from our end to thank our doctors for their relentless services to the community.” said Mr Vijayrathna V, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospitals.