India includes skin test for latent TB diagnostics in National TB Program

The inclusion of Serum-Mylab's Cy-TB in the NTEP and its availability on the Ni-kshay platform marks a substantial leap forward in the country's TB control efforts

New Delhi: The National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme (NTEP) has included Serum-Mylab’s indigenously-developed latent TB test – Cy-TB – to further its effort to eliminate TB by 2025. This novel test can detect the presence of latent TB infection before it progresses to an active disease state.
To achieve the TB elimination target by 2025, testing and treatment of Latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) is essential. The inclusion of Serum-Mylab’s Cy-TB in the NTEP and its availability on the Ni-kshay platform marks a substantial leap forward in the country’s TB control efforts.
The Serum-Mylab Cy-TB Test, a fast and accurate diagnostic tool, represents a significant advancement in latent TB diagnosis. It combines the cost-effectiveness and simplicity of skin test with the accuracy of traditional high-cost lab-based test called interferon gamma release assay (IGRA). This test can be administered in field setting and does not require any lab infrastructure. The most important feature of this test is that it is unaffected by BCG vaccination status of an individual, addressing a significant concern among the Indian population where nearly everyone receives a BCG vaccination.
Dr Umesh Shaligram, Executive Director – R&D, Serum Institute of India, said, “We are honoured to contribute to our Prime Minister’s visionary initiative to eradicate TB. The availability of Cy-TB on the Ni-kshay platform represents a milestone in India’s fight against TB. Cy-TB provides a rapid and reliable tool for latent TB diagnosis, ensuring swift and accurate identification of affected individuals who can then receive the necessary care without delay.”
Hasmukh Rawal, MD & Co-founder, Mylab Discovery Solutions, added, “The reservoir of latent TB infection (LTBI) poses a significant barrier to TB control and elimination. To achieve our TB elimination target, it is crucial to test and treat LTBI. The Cy-TB Test exemplifies our unwavering dedication to global TB eradication.”
Also Available on Ni-kshay Portal
The inclusion of Cy-TB in the NTEP is a testament to its accuracy and reliability. By incorporating Cy-TB into the Ni-kshay platform, healthcare professionals, diagnostic centers, and laboratories can conveniently report Cy-TB tests, ensuring the prompt identification of Latent TB cases and the initiation of appropriate treatment.