LSI set to host first ever global conference on prediabetes awareness in January

The conference agenda encompasses a comprehensive approach to highlight the urgency of preventive strategies, emphasizing lifestyle modifications with sustained adherence

New Delhi: Lifeness Science Institute (LSI) has announced the inaugural of the first ever international summit on Prediabetes awareness to be called as Vishwa Swasthyam International Conference 2024 at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute from 4th to 6th January 2024.
This groundbreaking event will shed light on the alarming rise of prediabetes, a condition silently looming over millions worldwide, and its pivotal role in the escalating diabetes epidemic in India.
LSI is a leading institution dedicated to integrative nutrition and dietetics education.
According to statistics of 2021, in India there were 101 million people with diabetes and 136 million people with prediabetes. Prediabetes, characterized by elevated blood sugar not yet classified as Type 2 Diabetes, presents a critical health concern, often symptomless but ripe for early intervention. Addressing this concern is crucial as it offers a window to prevent full-fledged diabetes through lifestyle changes.
“Recognizing India’s path towards becoming the diabetes capital and the lack of prediabetes awareness, we have taken the lead in organizing this International Conference. We aim to unite leading industry professionals, esteemed healthcare experts, and researchers on a global platform to address the prevalence, assessment, and outline strategic preventive measures against prediabetes, says Gopal C. Sharma, Director at LSI.
Distinguished speakers like Padmashree Dr. V. Mohan – internationally acclaimed Diabetologist will be speaking about ‘prediabetes, a ticking bomb’, Padmashree Dr. Shashank Joshi – President of Indian Academy of Diabetes & Endocrine Society of India will be addressing the ‘transcultural and ethnic difference in prediabetes’, Luke Coutinho, Chief Mentor, LSI will be speaking about an ‘Integrative approach in the prevention of prediabetes – need of the hour!’.
Renowned experts such as Dr. B. Sesikeran, Former Director of the National Institute of Nutrition, Dr. Chittaranjan Yajnik, Director and Consultant at the Diabetes Unit in K.E.M. Hospital, Pune, Dr. Kalpana Bhaskaran, Head of the Center for Applied Nutrition Services and the Glycemic Index Research Unit at Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore, and Dr. Tetyana Rocks, Senior Research Fellow at the Food & Mood Centre, IMPACT, Deakin University, will deliver keynote addresses, alongside other distinguished specialists.
The conference agenda encompasses a comprehensive approach to highlight the urgency of preventive strategies, emphasizing lifestyle modifications with sustained adherence. This platform will facilitate collaboration among healthcare professionals, academicians, students, NGOs, and industry representatives to devise and implement diabetes prevention programs tailored to India’s diverse population.
Moreover, the event provides a unique opportunity for young researchers, both nationally and internationally, to showcase their breakthroughs through presentations and posters, culminating in published proceedings carrying an ISBN, thereby fostering scientific dissemination and collaboration.
With this conference LSI envisages to empower the Indian youth with not only the critical skills and knowledge about prediabetes, but also spread awareness to treat it as a golden opportunity to fight the war against diabetes.